2 steps fowards, 3 steps back


  • Confusion

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    This is to a very selfish guy, who made and broke me. I still love and can't stand him but I do need him gone, too bad its not that easy.Right now, I'm just so confused.

    2 steps fowards, 3 steps back

    Why wouldn’t you just let me be

    Right now you disgust me

    Stop haunting and talking about me

    You were a poison and with a little help from you

    I was able to self-destruct all the hard work I've ever done

    My grades, family, friends, happiness all gone

    I blame myself, but I also blame you

    You were my anchor, my friend, the one created my self-esteem, and help me to see that I was someone special

    Thank you for that but

    You, your exes, and whoever else you’re screwing

    Need to leave me alone, can’t you see I am trying

    To detach myself from your lying, cheating a** through your darts

    That are cutting my heart

    You of all people knew what I had been through

    You were suppose to be my friend not my “boo”

    How could you have touched me at an age so young

    Knowing of the other who had tried even before my grade school was done

    Now you abandon me and blame others for your choices

    You think it was my fault we got caught, or maybe it was the way you boast

    You lost your car, big deal

    I lost my family and possibility my home, think of how I feel

    For a while I hated you

    But I can’t help but also love you


    If you could have help me without using your hands, we  would probably be ok

    You created me even if that person is a monster

    Well Frankenstein is here to stay, and she just needs to say

    Thanks for helping me to take two steps forward but f**k you for sending me three steps back




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    Chelles commented on 2 steps fowards, 3 steps back


    I can relate a bit...Keep the poems coming. I love your work. Very well done




    WillieBlast50 commented on 2 steps fowards, 3 steps back


    that's heavy ma i dont know what else to say man that's heavy



    Thanks, anger writes for itself

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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