29 Palms


  • Life

    29 Palms

    I remember waking to the sunrise

    the pink and orange hues

    streaming through the curtains

    dust particles floating through...


    The peaceful quiet,

    atop Donnell Hill

    gazing out the picture window

    onto the little desert town

    of 29 Palms,

    Hillside avenue

    my childhood playground


    The hours I spent

    exploring in my own backyard

    cactus and creosote abundantly found

    tiny lizards and jack rabbits running around

    I once found a tortoise in my own front yard

    I had it for one whole day

    before it somehow got away...


    The scorching desert heat...

    at times got the best of me,

    going barefoot I learned not to do

    running across the street to the mailbox

    with burning feet taught me a thing or two


    Walking the worn path through the desert

    down to the bus stop ...

    After school a hike back up the trail to the top

    There was a dip in the road more than halfway up

    every time we drove up that road

    I tensed... for my stomach did flip flops...


    Something I loved was a warm desert rain

    The smell it created is forever ingrained

    retroactive memories...

    brought forth by senses


    I see, smell or touch

    awakens a part of me

    childhood moments

    carried on smiles and tears

    waiting for me to set them free

    The good ones...the bad ones...

    doesn't matter anymore...

    They all make me weep

    for they are so bittersweet

    time to open my eyes

    and truly see

    the beauty of the desert

    where I used to be


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    SavVySam commented on 29 Palms


    Hello there...I visited 29 Palms a few times when my brother in law was stationed there. I remember the intense heat,snakes in the pool,and tarantulas... you've penned a very nice recounting of your time there. ~good work!



    Thanks you!

    dancinghawk commented on 29 Palms


    AWESOME! i can totally relate to this ... tho no tortoises where i was, lol ... a freedom in childhood that is quite rare and precious ... "They all make me weep/for they are so bittersweet" ... great write!



    Thanks dh, take a look at my "Coeur d' Alene on Marys site

    orsonav commented on 29 Palms


    This is a great poem displaying the spiritual travels of man. Your delivery in this poem is really good, and the tone is well received.



    thank you :)

    countrypoet commented on 29 Palms


    This is an interesting poem with such vivid imagery and good wording that I can see and feel all of the experiences of being in the desert.Thank you for sharing this poem.



    Thank you!!!

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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