4 years


  • Love

    4 years

                          How did it get this far?
                    with tears rolling down my cheek
                          unto my soft bed sheets.

                          Expecting a text or call
                     knowing that through it all you were
                             all the way gone.

                           But that dosn't change
                     how I feel I wish we could have 
                              just kept it real.

                            You left without a word
                      with half my heart still in your soul
                           never to come back home  

                             so many questions left
                       unanswered, so many thoguhts
                                left incomplete.   

                             Trying to leave you alone
                       trying to give you what you want.
                              Its hard for me even but 
                                     your gone.       

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    sweetnspicy8283 commented on 4 years


    sounds like me during my puppy love stage a painful yet beautiful, heart-shattering yet the best experience a love lost is a better love found i thought i would just lay around n wait 4 him but then i was blessd with TRUE LOVE ((ur words wur ON POINT keep writing))



    Thanks a ton for your words!!!

    gregster commented on 4 years


    gone gone gone.well hey ..this relates to one of my writes cannot let go....well again u the talent one.be blessed



    I will have to check yours out then!! thanks for your comments!!

    ESSENCEOFLOVE commented on 4 years


    Love lost is really painful and feels like the end of the world. This is not true. You are still here worthy of love, especially self-love. I pray your healing is swift A wonderful, honest write..........E



    Thanks!!! Yes, it does hurt and that hurt last and blinds us but I'm finally able to open my eyes. Thanks for your prayers!!!

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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