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    Injustice is everywhere,

    Do you not care?

    Injustice, these eyes see,

    Intending affliction upon our seed,

    When our sons search and roam,

    Will they be allowed back home?

    Or will we have to visit,

    Tombs with them in it,

    A sad day it is when we close our eyes,

    Close our eyes in reality’s demise,

    But like the Pied Piper I play a melodious tune,

    To gather our children at noon,

    Attempting to teach them something beyond,

    That lets fall silent every policeman’s gun,

    Sometimes I feel like I’m standing alone,

    Fighting a battle you don’t condone,

    To teach your child he’s more than body and bone,

    When the curriculum says leave that alone,

     “Don’t teach her child she’s more than what she sees”,

    That hidden curriculum you NEVER see,

    No foundation,

    No basis for value’s hue,

    Trees without roots in a standardized stew,

    Life is definitely not for the faint of heart,

    When a deceiving universe rips families apart.

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    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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