A Child's Hell


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    • Didn't I tell you, what I believe... Did somebody say that....that love like that won't last? Didn't I give you all that I got to, give baby?

    A Child's Hell

    A Child’s Hell


    I never understood what I saw,

    At such a young, ripe and tender age

    But now I know, like thousands before and millions after

    I went into a Hell that I’m still trapped in

    How can I truly escape from this, even though I have the keys?

    Pop, why hurt her? Why Strike her?

    Ma, why do you mind rape Pop, scorn him and hate him

    That which brought me forth in love and produced an angelic innocence

    Has left me stranded in this grey twilight

    Abandoned and up against the wind


    How could I hold to an example to live by?

    When my world now is shaken up

    Might as well given them the Gun, because emotionally, they’ve riddled me with bullets

    The screaming, the shouting… the terrible fights that wracked my heart

    I wanted to cry so badly, but I was so frightened to

    Who would be the one to teach me to be a Man?

    When the one who was, has done the unthinkable

    How could I not feel mistrust for women, when the one who rose up her skirts and gave me birth

    Has shown me that misery of being male in this world

    As being a bone jarring blow against the soul

    Why, Ma?

    Why Pa?

    What did I … What did I do to be marked to carry such anger in my soul?


    Up against the Wind, I am

    And I don’t know how to let it go now

    I wish that Christ would save me from Drowning in it

    I just don’t know who to trust anymore in this nightmare.

    For Eighteen years, this poison has flowed,

    And the scars in the hearts of they are still so fresh like freshly turned earth

    I can still remember the fights, the knives, the broken limbs

    Holes in the wall, my screaming soul

    Only would I remember that I love them

    But do I hate them too… I think I do

    But my heart can’t express it,

    So I am drifting alone… Up Against The Wind

    Hoping someone will shoot me down, free me of this

    So that my heart will be unburdened… free

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    Mandi commented on A Child's Hell


    Sorry to hear that your early life is such an ugly story A child should not have to suffer such terrors Sometimes I wonder about this world we live in Life is just not suppose to go that way

    shakeme4life commented on A Child's Hell


    I thank you for the notion to share this piece as many are struggling with the question of who will help me to become a man when i feel i can't trust women , but i long for them ?

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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