A Christmas Poem


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    Written for a school assignment

    A Christmas Poem

    Christmas Poem


    Once upon a Christmas Eve we came upon a man.

    He had no hat upon his head, and no gloves upon his hands.

    He did not beg as we passed by,

    No pleading looks were shot our way,

    And though I was small, and not yet grown,

    I saw the words he did not say:

    I am forgotten, sad eyes whispered softly,

    I am no longer here.

    I am a ghost alone,

    in a world which does not care.

    His gaze lingered on my sister, a babe a few months old.

    Sorrows Essence that look seemed, wrapped inside a human mould.

    Lifting his head just and inch, he stared into my eyes,

    His face disclosed nothing, but a yearning was in his sigh

    Keep her safe, he said to me.

    Protect her while you can,

    Don’t let her ever end up like me,

    A lonely half dead man…

    A ghost was he and ghosts were we,

    Haunting the same earth.

    Yet we were seen and he was not,

    He had let them take his worth.

    Humanity is just a word, and man is just a fact;

    We are a 3 ring circus with one impending act,

    A finely tuned acrobatic feat, which no one can resist

    There is no heaven on this earth for beings who don’t exist.

    Forsaken by humanity, the man laid against an alley wall,

    Forsaken by his family, he closed his eyes to see nothing at all,

    Forsaken by the very warmth which every one deserves,

    This man was a mirror of everyone

    If we didn’t stop the hurt.

    So reaching out, I took his hand,

    A hand he did not offer,

    So tugging gently, I hauled him up,

    So that he did not suffer.

    And when I pulled him into line, a step between my father and

    I, my dear ol’ dad he caught my eye, and winked to show that

    I’d done right.


    “A man who lives outside the realm of other peoples


    Deserves the strongest warmth,

    The tightest hugs,

    And the warmest love of all.”

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    WordSlinger commented on A Christmas Poem


    This is priceless, you have a heart worth blessings forever for this poem, great poem..I linked you up in the forum, Merry Christmas, ty WS & Maddi http://www.originalpoetry.com/forum/view/topic/topic_id/2785

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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