A Christmas Story


A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

By R


obert Fischer

Copyright 1995

About this time of year,

There comes a celebration,

When the child in everyone,

Has great anticipation.

With boxes bows, candy canes,

Hot Spiced cider, model trains,

lots of carols and the tree,

How much more is there to see?

Giving, Caring, love and sharing,

They are all good, but . . .

Long ago, far across the sea,

In a little town,

Where there wasn't much to see.

No lights, no tree,

No things to catch your eye,

If you listen very close,

You may hear him cry.

I multitude of angels, and shepherds gather round,

Animals are watching,

And kings are kneeling down.

It is the birth,

Of a very special child,

Who is very humble,

Gentle meek and mild.

So remember,

When you gaze upon that tree,

The birth of a special child,

Who died for you and me.

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WordSlinger commented on A Christmas Story


Awesome, I'm gald I searched this one,I linked you up in the forum, Merry Christmas, ty WS & Maddi http://www.originalpoetry.com/forum/view/topic/topic_id/2785

am2anangel commented on A Christmas Story


I enjoyed this poem also. I like your technique of writing. The flow is very eye catching. I have just posted a poem called the true meaning, which is much like this one. About taking the time to remember what it's all about. very well written.

RedRubyRaz09 commented on A Christmas Story


this is very well written and very descriptive. I enjoyed this piece of work very much. Thanx for the gift.

daniel081180 commented on A Christmas Story


This is a awesome poem. I loved the way you turned it from something just pushed aside to something about our savior. what a blessing a truly awesome read.

MikeSiZaChrist commented on A Christmas Story


good rhythmic sway. A little cliche. and i prefer to keep X in Christmas, as it is a winter solstice to be celebrated by all religions.

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