A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (c) Copyright 2003


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I don't really believe Christmas day (December 25th) is the actual birthday of Jesus, but it is a day we celebrate His birth on...thus, this poem.

A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (c) Copyright 2003

May the sacrifice He made
Be ingrained in our minds
May we always share the love
That He left behind

May the love that He's given
Be instilled in our hearts
That the enormity of it all
From our spirits, never parts

The knowledge that Almighty God
Sent to us His only Son
Before most of us were formed
Before our lives had begun

He devised the grand plan
To save and redeem us
It began long ago
With the birth of Jesus

The beautiful babe
He sent as a seed
And implanted into Mary
What a miraculous deed

And what started then
On that glorious day
Has impacted our lives
In a powerful way...

Because Jesus came
From a babe, to a man,
And acquainted Himself
With life's challenges firsthand,

He can certainly relate
To the things we go through
He understands how we feel
His love remains true

So let us keep sharing
Keep loving, keep giving
In constant celebration
Of this gift of life we're living

And so others may see
Through us, God's love
The gift we've been given
His Seed from above

It'll make Jesus smile
If, not just in December,
We show the world His birth
Was a Christmas to remember.

 (c) Copyright 2003 Melanie D. West

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cmlestrade commented on A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (c) Copyright 2003


This is a very special piece and says so very much about the birth of the Lord and reminds us that we are to be living examples of that love. Great write.Even better after the Holiday season.



cool, glad you took the time to read it out of season ;-)

14u2 commented on A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (c) Copyright 2003


Yes i also agree that holiday poems are not easily created, To write about our God, and or the gift of his Son always rates high in my heart.



tx 4 reading!

WordSlinger commented on A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (c) Copyright 2003


I linked you up in the forum, Merry Christmas, ty WS & Maddi http://www.originalpoetry.com/forum/view/topic/topic_id/2785



Thanks, WS... Merry Christmas to you!

WordSlinger commented on A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (c) Copyright 2003


Christmas poems are hard to do, you did a good job on it. We can't forget the true meaning of Christmas that's for sure.



Thanks a lot...

orsonav commented on A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER (c) Copyright 2003


This poem serves as a great call for mankind to remember the true meaning of Christmas-Jesus. I think the way you have this poems organized within the various stanzas really give strength to the message you are conveying.



tx for reading, orson... gotta give God His due. Too often the meaning of Christmas is lost. Santa takes the glory, when it all belongs to God. tx again.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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