A Decade Of Stone


A Decade Of Stone

I have learned to call this my home.
Follow me into the endless:


Adrift between two worlds,
the life I want and the life I live, inside neither,
torn from trying to hang on to both,
bleeding from want, sick from contempt.

Love has never been an emotion to me.
From all I've seen it's a product
with a list of rules and conditions
purchased by the decadent,
used as a temporary killer of time
that lasts as long as pleasure is new,
constantly changing faces
while keeping it's person the same.

The pattern forms within us
usually at a young age,
an inheritance of apathy
if planted in fertile ground,
it grows until it consumes us
and we get caught in it's cycle;

Always looking outside ourselves
for the answers contained within,
until we lose all faith
in who we are.

A life of wandering
from one to the next,
another sunrise of light
taken away by the oncoming night,
So many faces
all chasing distractions
never wanting to stay.

I feel as though I've been
branded amongst the cattle
gathered in the herd,
contained within the fences
on the auction block,
till its my turn to be bought
by the highest bidder.

Each with ticket in hand
waiting for their turn.
The look of disenchantment in their eyes,
hope in their hearts,
all in search of buying something real
in the market of illusion.

I never know if their need
will be milking me of my passion
to fill their glass of insecurity,
or waiting to be slaughtered
so they can feed on my desire for love,
only to replenish their resilience to it.

Either way I have fought in vain,
for I am a victim to the pattern as well.
The album has skipped
for so long on this turntable,
the rest of the song
doesn't exist anymore,
even if it did
who would want to listen?

Living out of habit,
smiling, a programmed response.
I'm only capable of feeling
when the blade begins to dull,
only able to dream
when the pills wear off.

From the woman who bore me
and decided I wasn't part of her plan,
to the ones who claim to love me
motivated by fear of loneliness,
this pattern has no end.

So if you happen to be
the most recent piece of skin
rubbing against me,
know that I have met you
a thousand times before,
and I'm not impressed.

If I were to reveal my true self to you,
you would then scrape
the undesirable remnants of me
off your plate to feed on another,
continuing your search for the everlasting
perfect meal in your mother's cookbook.

Your half hearted attempts
to remove this mask,
are only to satisfy your mundane curiosity.

There is a core within me,
and you haven't got the capacity
to find your way through the labyrinth
that guards this soul.

The bottom line is simple,
I am right here, waiting for you.
Show me you're different,
have something real inside yourself,
believe in your worth
and fight for what you want.
I won't let you down.

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tenderpoison commented on A Decade Of Stone


we fight it by finally claiming joy as our own. there is regret - but also hope. :)

Teardrops commented on A Decade Of Stone


Your talent is endless. Its captures you with the first sentance and then goes from there till the end you never get bored and it makes you think loved it Marie

JadedJezzabel commented on A Decade Of Stone


Artie.....I am at a loss for words to express how much I love appriciate and relate to this poem.......the honesty that flows from this is shocking brytal and refreshing..... if I could rate this 1000 plus I would. one of the realest things ive ever read. bravo!!!!!



Thx so much. This piece is a combination of many times in my life, as well as the lives of those around me. I watch the world and the people in it, and try to become a part of them through the sharing of emotions. That was my main motivation behind writing this piece. Thx for taking the time to read my work - Latrz

Rhymer commented on A Decade Of Stone


Your writing is simply amazing my friend, I think it comes from the heart. This is the reason it is so enjoyable. My favorite stanza "There is a core within me and you haven't got the capacity to find your way through the labyrinth that guards this soul." this is Artie at his best. another ten my friend.



Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed this

SavVySam commented on A Decade Of Stone


I totally agree with the gentleman below a most excellent piece of dramatic writing...What depths displayed of disappointment and simultaneous desires to be shown an exception to the endless game! The challenge is issued...Great write!

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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