A Meeting in Heaven


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    A Meeting in Heaven

    I dedicate this to all the children all around the world who have payed the ultimate price, their lives, and to those still suffering.
    We cannot be silent any longer.
    My heart and prayers go out to the families around the world that have lost children.

    I was sitting all alone in a room.
    I couldn't really move at all.
    I was hungry, hot and scared.
    I could sometimes hear noises and voices,
    coming from another room.
    I was sure someone would come for me.
    My Mom or My Dad or someone.
    I saw the sun come up and go back down many times,
    but still no one came.
    I felt pain but could not make it go away.
    I cried myself to sleep again
    And when I woke up I was here.
    My Mom and Dad would fight alot.
    I love them but they were always mad at me.
    They would yell alot and hit me.
    I would sit in the corner of my room and cry.
    I wished they would love me like I love them,
    and not be so mad anymore.
    One day they were fighting again
    And they just started hitting me again and again.
    I cried and pleaded with them to stop,
    But they just kept hitting me and kicking me,
    until I went to sleep.
    And then I came here.
    I didn't have a Mom or Dad.
    I was in a foster home.
    They seemed nice at first,
    and when other people were around,
    but then they changed.
    They would hit me and burn me all over with ciggarettes.
    They would make me do things that made me feel sick inside.
    If I would cry or ask them to stop it would be worse.
    One day they came and I felt something hit me
    really hard in my head, everything got dark,
    And then really light, and I was here.
    I was walking home from school one day.
    A car pulled up beside me.
    A man got out, he seemed really nice,
    but then he grabbed me and put me in the car.
    I was crying and screaming, but no one heard me.
    I begged the man to please let me go home.
    I told him I wanted my Mommy and my Daddy.
    He told me to shut up and then he hit me.
    When I woke up I was in a house
    I've never seen before.
    There were other kids there.
    We were tied up and had tape over our mouths.
    One at a time they took them and I never saw them again.
    Then they came for me.
    I cried, I screamed, but no help came.
    I did my best to fight and try to get away
    but they were to big and to mean.
    They threw me down and after a while
    the pain was to much, and I guess I passed out.
    Then I woke up here.
    I was in my village and it was really hot.
    I hadn't eaten in a long time.
    There was very little food and
    the only water we had to drink,
    was dirty water that the animals would bathe in.
    We had nothing really, only each other.
    My mom loved me and did her best
    but she was weak too.
    I remember she was holding me in her arms,
    and I felt a strange feeling I never felt before.
    Almost like being really tired.
    I fell asleep and I woke up here.
    I was taken from my family when I was nine.
    I had to go live with soldiers in a camp.
    They taught me how to fight,
    how to shoot a gun and use a knife.
    They would beat me severely,
    and if I would cry, they would beat me even worse.
    One day we were fighting,
    I could hear the sound of guns firing everywhere.
    I felt something hit me.
    It felt hot and sharp.
    I felt my chest and saw the blood on my hand.
    I knew it was my own.
    I fell to the ground and the sounds of the guns began to fade,
    I closed my eyes and woke up here.
    I was shot too.
    Me too.
    I was stabbed.
    I was thrown away.
    I was beaten.
    I was kidnapped.
    I was raped.
    I was starved.
    I was killed by a drunk driver.
    I was drowned,
    but we are all here together now.
    It is beautiful here and God said that no one will ever hurt us again.
    God said he'll take those bad memories away
    and we can stay here forever.
    We'll even get to see the people that love us again one day.
    We are home now.
    KEP August 1, 2008

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    kspoet1 commented on A Meeting in Heaven


    OMG!!! this is sooo sad, powerful and woefully too true. this poem has truly touched my heart. thank u for sharing and the children thank y too



    Thank you. I am glad that you liked it. I believe that we must give a voice to those that cannot always speak for themselves.

    Robbygr8 commented on A Meeting in Heaven


    I to have lost a son and I can relate to this poem. It brings tears to my eyes and at the same time joy. We never miss that which we never have and never really miss what we had until it is gone. Great writing! God Bless!

    WordSlinger commented on A Meeting in Heaven


    I want to say something ok, when I was 12 I was ran over by an 18 wheeler, broke my pelvis bones in 9 places, I had nine operations, and skin graphs all that, I was in there for 10 months, I had to learn to walk again. I shall tell you what really hurts the most, was my friends that I met there in the ICU, many of them, 1 with heart failure, 1 ran over by a train, 1 beaten by there father, one stabbed in the eye, and more, but what bothers me the most, Is them saying to me asking me to never forget them, always remember them, And I haven't. That is what hurt the most of those days, is that I made it out alive they didn't, but I kept my promise, I remember, I know they are with God, so it makes it easier. Thanks for such a good write.. :)

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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