A Message To God


A Message To God

Let's pretend that I believe,
One question comes to mind. 
Do you see what we, as humans, achieve?
Is there not a chance for humankind? 
I know there is evil abound,
But please do not worry,
The light is clear from sky to ground,
Our lives have purpose, please don't hurry. 
Why are we not good enough in your eyes?
If only I could see you, I'd make a deal,
"You don't want to hurt us", nature cries,
Please hear what I say, on my knees I kneel.
Live our life, see that there's a chance,
If not, against you I will, lies my stance.

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VeganSocialist commented on A Message To God


To let people understand the meaning behind this, because I have a deep belief within it, I try to make it as a statement that I'm sure a lot of believers in god think about each day. I, myself, am an atheist, but that doesn't mean I don't have thoughts on what I might do if the real armageddon was to have been released. The story of an armageddon is really just a reflected story of when god grew tiresome of his creation, which can be read in the bible. And so it was up to Noah to rally up as many animals as he can within pairs, along with himself, & then float off in his ark while god destroyed his creation & all life that lived upon it. Now, scriptures have shown that the reason behind Satan being banished to hell was because of his choice not to bow down to Adam as god had given a command for his angels to bow to the first of man. It was Satan that chose to not do the bidding of god any longer. So I ask all of you, within this poem, when armageddon is reaked upon, will you bow to god & let him judge the earth once again as he destroys all that we have struggled for? Or are you going to fight back, are you going to show that God may have made us, but it's the creation that will lead now. And really, the poem also puts in me asking for god just swap places with us for one day & realize how much we go through in life, yet we move on. And if he still chooses to kill us all, then all of his unwanted children will rebel against him, & will fight back. What pushed me to make this poem was the song "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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