A minuscule bug


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    This is one of my favorites.  I wrote it May, 2009.

    A minuscule bug

    A minuscule bug on the wall in my shower,
    Put an end to its life, I’ve been given the power.
    It was on its way to I know not where.
    Would the bug even care if it died right there?


    Not faster going nor was it slowing.
    Did it even know where it was going?
    Scuttled over a tile and along a crack.
    From where it came it may never get back.

    I might let it live and go to its Mama.
    It may have kids.  It could be a papa.


    An infinitesimal heart, I’ll name her Meg.
    Barely visible, tiny as an ant’s leg.
    After smashing her I would still be okay.
    Why should I even give her the time of day?


    I think I will let her be.
    Insect Meg wouldn’t hurt me.
    I don’t think she would eat much.
    Let her alone, I’ll not touch.


    She found a gap where she can return.
    In the shadows she stopped and then turned.
    She paused and she sighed in her bug bliss.
    With impish grin she blew me a kiss. 

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    cheronld commented on A minuscule bug


    You certainly channeled the makers of Disney,Pixar, and dreamworks here my friend.....I can remember my neice being mad at me for stepping on an ant after watching one of their movies....lol...really cute poem...truly enjoyed it....:-)



    The last stanza was added about a couple weeks after I finished the poem. It really added some life to Meg.

    MarionYost commented on A minuscule bug


    awe, that's cute.. Fun and humorous... I like your poems. thanks for suggesting this one as well :) Our styles are COMPLETELY opposite one another but, I dare to say I like yours better. Happy, Light hearted... I Loved this one as well. Please feel free to suggest ANY of your poems to me.. You're good. All the best -Marion-

    purpleswan commented on A minuscule bug


    I loved the story of the poem. It was so cute and I could picture this little bug. However, the second verse of this cute little poem, your rhyming didn't follow the same sequence as the rest of the poem. It took me off gaurd for a moment but the rest is so sweet. Glad you let her go. Each of your poems have a very nice flow. I enjoyed them. Thank you for your comments on some of mine.



    Your right. I should fix it. Thanks.



    okay, thanks I fixed. Life is now right.

    knight4696 commented on A minuscule bug


    This one made me smile - a happy laugh All life is valuable and you show that in this cutsie poem about a bug named Meg. This is Cute, Clever and Compassionate. A fun read. Kudos!



    Thank you Sir Knight :)

    jademelissa74 commented on A minuscule bug


    Oblaidon, at face value, this poem is simply adorable. It is well-written and it is ALIVE. Metaphorically speaking, this piece opens so many avenues for discussion about life itself and the choices we (human race) make on a daily basis. You really nailed it bud! Great job!

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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