A new day


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I was giving a subject of favorite colors; blue and purple. I'm completely done with it; but this is my work in progress.....:)

A new day

A new day,
What a saying,
How many actually follow it,

In those stormy blue eyes,
Hidden behind your smile,
Things stay unspoken,

For a new day has began,
Rising of sun,
Eyes far more crystal clear blue,

Spelling binding,
As they catch those first rays of light,
You dance joyfully,

Wearing violet dress,
Fields of lavander flow,
Gliding with the wind,

Butterflies of all colors,
Continue your dance with you,
A perfect day,

Blanket spread,
Head back,
Skyward looking,

Picnic with all that's needed,
Laughter spreads the joy,
The clouds lazily roll by,

Game of imagine,
It must be played,
Clouds; give a grand theatre

All sorts of things said,
Not just animals;
But of great battles,

Looks of pure madness,
Followed by purest of laughter,
Staring into those most enchanting sky blue eyes,

Your violet dress flowing like velvet,
As you dance again,
Music surrounds us with its magic,

Then eyes open to a buzzing sound,
New day begins,
Dawn awaits with its sweet smile,

Perfect; picnic day must await,
As life calls for your time,
Soon though,

That picnic will happen again,
Laughter through those baby blues,
Dancing in velvet dress will be such a sight to see; again.

Clinton Trapp '13

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