A Somber Wood


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  • Poetry will always emerge out of the shadows of depression, shining like a star in the scarcity of light.

A Somber Wood

I walk a path devoid of moonlight,

trees whispering the news of my arrival.

My footsteps make no sound at all,

though I feel as though the woods can hear me.

Far from the crack of dawn,

nearest the fissure where night seeps in to greet me.

The wind spells my name as it drifts by,

the hiss of a ghost in my ear.

I look up at the sky, so close.

I look into the woods, so vast.

Forever enclosed by the whispering trees,

the eyes of a moonless night. . . .

I walk.


—Mar. 9, 2010


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ginga commented on A Somber Wood


Jacob, This poem of night has an eerie yet welcoming aura surrounding it. Since your experiences in the somber wood are generally positive, it seems the wood ids your home and refuge. ginga



ty for reading my poem, ginga. you are quite right, actually :). --Natalie.

lunamarie commented on A Somber Wood


ok I'm a little creeped out, since I was out tonight looking at the woods, sky, and, moon writing poetry with many of the same words/lines ... HOWEVER, your poem is much better ... haha ............ Luna



Lol i bet your poem was much better though...........did you post the poem??.............i'll check it out.........thanks for reading........ --Natalie.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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