A Stranger's Mistake


  • Love

    A Stranger's Mistake

    Could this possibility be love?
    I have never felt this way before
    Yet it seems so familiar
    I loved you...I love you...Yes,as much as you've hurt me
    I still love you

    U showed me things only a real man could.
    You filled a mysterious void I felt as though I was missing
    My favorite past time became being with you
    Knowing that you weren't fully mine never mattered to me.
    Your kiss,Your hug,the way you apoligized whenever i fussed
    at you for calling too late...
    Or not calling at all
    "The Ultimate Fufillment"

    I Wouldn't change a thing
    ALMOST everything about you seemed so perfect
    This lie,This life I was leading
    That I myself frowned upon
    Was so real,live & true
    No longer could I be in denial
    I love myself more.

    I Love & Honor God more.

    Slowly but surely I started coming to realization,being ME again
    Like I had given my Mind,Body and Soul to this "stranger"
    I began to question this so-called "stranger"
    "How could something so wrong feel so right?...
    Could the very thing you hated your father for be what has sparked
    your unceasing fornication?"
    This stranger which was actually me all the while responded;
    "Words can't express how much I love you and always will
    Though i hate to be proved wrong
    You did just that
    Whats right Is right
    I discovered the hard way
    They never leave their wife."

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    Gizina commented on A Stranger's Mistake


    wow! I loved this poem! The worst part is when you find out he is married and by then you are in love or at least in serious like!!

    freind commented on A Stranger's Mistake


    very very interesting know what your saying?



    Yes i kno exactly wat i was saying...

    Trey commented on A Stranger's Mistake


    this was very interestin indeed i loved it continue working. hard

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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