A Tick Away


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    A Tick Away

    In the land of falling bombs, we should've known, 
    That the past was the past, but it never died. 
    So here we are, suffering once again, 
    Unfortunately, we're just a time bomb tick away. 
    So here we go again, let's hold hands, 
    We're jumping off the cliff, spread your wings. 
    Where is the end, I can't see that far, 
    There goes Hitler, no wait it's the president. 
    So where are we, I just don't understand, 
    Falling face first into the dirt & sand.
    Bombing homes, the torture is diplomacy,
    Climate change, is there no other way? 
    A bomb for every home, please knock the door,
    A hand grenade pin in every hand of the innocent.
    Blood red skies abound, blue eyes of white men, 
    Is this what you call the "American Dream"? 
    Robbing the poor, let's fund the wars, 
    My dreams are of no countries & no borders. 
    Rip the flag, burn it down, 
    This is my way of saying no to war. 
    So can you hear us now, I hope so,
    This isn't the end, it's bound to happen again. 
    "Those that make peaceful revolution impossible
    Will make violent revolution inevitable."

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    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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