A Victim's Rage


A Victim's Rage

The cries of innocence
Vicious cycle
turned inward;
a mirage of self-defeat.
Taken from
a child's embrace;
Damn this soul,
ignorance can't excuse,
blind to the existence-
darkness ensued.
The clock's hand
turns with a hammer's beat;
how my heart entreats:
stop this solitude,
induced pain;
endless nights
filled with tears in vain:
for this dream
always ends the same.
Whispers carried
upon the wind,
"must stop him!
must kill him!"
Unsheathe the blade-
Heaven forgive,
the hatred looms
my soul enshrouds.
With one quick slash,
death much to quick,
to atone-
to repay;
his death is little
for him to pay.
Rip his heart out,
destroy his mind-
erase this blacked soul.
to burn and purge,
a heart of evil-
a hearth so cold.
But tell me-
can my sin be forgiven?

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dumplin commented on A Victim's Rage


'death much to quick' did you mean 'too quick'? I refuse to commit the sin that would be justified in my situation because two wrongs don't make a right in my opinion. I would be honored if you'd read my latest poem. I wrote it to my mother. It's called "Unforgivable..." You will then know that I know from whence you came.

Savant commented on A Victim's Rage


Great description of the inevitable satisfaction a victim might need. I see rage but it looks adolescent. It is calm, quiet, and to the point. It is not a spectacle as some adults might make it. You know, brains splattered on a wall and all. Sigh, vengeance.

Rygar commented on A Victim's Rage


wonderfully written and very descriptive without being to wordy, i liked it a lot, great job blue!

rougepriest commented on A Victim's Rage


yes, yes it can, four or so hail marys and a good bottle of scotch! should do it .......loved this poem!

Mareann commented on A Victim's Rage


How anyone can bring harm to child is beyond reasoning. But it's happens more and more each day. I ask God, many times in my life, how does he forgive this person. I just half to believe he has good reasons for this as he does for everything else in life. Thank you for this powerful poem, well written, Mareann

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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