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If Christ Jesus, can save a filthy rag like me. He can change you and save you to. If Christ Jesus, can give me love, joy peace and happiness. He can do the same for you. If you read this poem it is not a accident. Its because Christ Jesus loves you and he wants to be apart of you if you let him.

About Me

Wondering to my self,
What could, Should or could it be
Something inside of me,
waiting for me to
make a mistake or fall,
can't you see
wants to be a good
 IMAGE of our LORD and Savior,
Christ Jesus
That dwells inside of me
desperate to please him,
cause he's the best thing,
Every happen to me
Keeping him safe inside of me,
not to lose the special bond,
 he created in me
He's the only one,
who truly loves me,
Accepts me and my flaws
down, deep in me
he changed me,
made me whole,
taught me love and forgiveness
 Gave me, peace, joy and happiness
He's the best,
The best thing any man can give
He truly kept his word too me.
I did what he ask me,
and he for filled his word truly held on to me
kept me safe, leaded and guide me
Held, my head up and wrapped
his grace and mercy
around me
protected me from the enemy and me
Had a lot of strongholds
trying to kill and take over me
with my worldly ways in-trapped and in-bedded in me
He gave me strength,
strength to make it
Day by Day,
with him carrying me.
Waken up, with his
Breath he breed in me,
Day by Day
He molded me
to be the woman he created
Spiritual growth changing and growing in me
Flesh tries to take over sometimes
But, crying out to him, praying, fastening
A spiritual relationship with the Great King
Strengthen and kept me.
while he was watching over
Deep down in my conjuncts
I was a won't to be
and a goner
No one really cared about me
until I truly surrender and accepted.
I couldn't change me
Finally, admitted to self
I was scared,
wanted real love
Someone to accept and understand
Did anything, settle for lest
to feel that gap and whole in my
That was in me
Reading the word of God
That's the bible
It came alive too
He spoke to me, "Stating, I love you and accept you
just turned from your wicked ways
let me truly help thee
put, your trust in me. "
I felt frustration, hurt, pain
also the sin that was trapped in my heart
someone really loves
cares about me
I finally felt and saw
things different
A new life and beginning for me
saved a filthy

copyright 1-27-2010
 Wakeitha Kilpatrick

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Kingwebstar commented on About Me


God shines through your poetry to save all those that have gone astray and it help all those lost to be found .Love the poem stay strong in your faith. Love Da KinG

cutbanksam commented on About Me


I know we all want to please Jesus but don't put any pressure on yourself, that will begin to wear you down. if I spent a lot of time wondering if He were happy with me I would probably lose hope as I was a pretty bad person, not a criminal just a wasto I did really enjoy the write and am saving it to favorites your love for Him is totally and awe inspiringly beautiful and cannot help but shine through your poetry



Thank you my friend, you are a angle sent from God. I really need those words because I do be hard on myself. But God shined through you today with those beautiful words and thanks. May God bless you my friend.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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