• Devotion


    It’s so wicked how you have me so addicted. How you can have me itching for your touch, urging to get a hit of your sexual lust. Like any other drug you had me from the very first time. When I tasted you; I was sent to an all time high. Sending my mind to an imaginary world where just me and you exist. Where the rain only comes out with the sun and the existence of darkness is none. Have me up for hours enjoying every sensation that goes through my body. Tingling my senses; having me thinking naughty.
    I’m so addicted to you that I’m begging for more. Baby, give me everything you have in store…cause I lust, need, want, addicted to you MORE AND MORE! I begged for my family not to send me to rehab, they say you no good for me. But how could that be when you give me so much ecstasy. How can you be so wrong for me when you feel so right? I need your love morning, noon, and night.
    I wont go, I’m so strung out. I’m sick without you and that’s not a doubt… in my mind that you are the only high that can get me there. I can’t breathe without you; you know you’re my air.
    I don’t wanna’ leave or go away. I won’t care if I drop dead from an overdose any day. The pleasure of feeling you right before I meet my maker will be the perfect ending for the movie of my life. To have my baby, to feel my baby, to be high off my baby It’s so wicked how you have me so addicted. Even my conscience tells me that there’s a problem with myself yearning for you. I don’t care much, I deny hearing the truth. You’re my drug of choice, what I love most and live for…my drug, my weakness, my addiction.

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    rita commented on Addiction


    nice write up, captures the essence.but guess u need to include the rhyme to have a poem not a write up.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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