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  • is thinking, once the tip is gone... it's pointless.

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this is where it's all headed :D

All aTwitter


Myspace is an empty lot

Facebook’s a blank page,

emails gone the postal route

cause Twitters all the rage.

garbled words typed out in haste

and language gone amok,

spelling’s just a game of chance

and reading it’s pot luck.

people soon won’t be the same

or write as we have done,

they’ll Peep until the eggs they hatch

are born with just two thumbs.
“as I see it“.....................AISI

      “we’re addicted to text"...Adctd2txt

      “as far as I can tell“.........AFAICT

we'll text our prayers to
      “oh my god“....................OMG

in code that looks like hell.

so throw away those Crackberrys;

those Pagers, Ipods too.

before we lose the will to speak

IM’ing all we do.

slipping more within the core

of new toys in our grip,

we micro bits and bytes of code

will die inside life’s chip.


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LenaMP commented on All aTwitter


Fantastic and oh too true! A whole generation of carpal tunnel syndrome in the making. And don't get me started on spelling. Does the song - In the Year 2525...come to mind? Great write. You made me smile ear to ear.

courage commented on All aTwitter


This poem was so true and too funny. It kept me LOL! I love the way you think and your words. Blessings!

DuckieoutaH20 commented on All aTwitter


Back in 1978 my father told me, "You have to learn to use a computer!" Part of my rebellion, even to this day, is to shun technology.I still have that dark lurking feeling that Terminator an the Matrix aren't ALL fiction..Its like all subversive groups, they lure you in gently, before your awareof anything being WRONG your all hog tied an gagged.

Grito commented on All aTwitter


LOL! IC what U mean, 4ICUR2, & if I may, IC4IM2!

KtIrish commented on All aTwitter


You nailed this one. It does seem as if language and literature are doomed to die. Like the book Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. But as long as there are writers like you, I believe there's hope.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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