All it takes is one rhyme


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All it takes is one rhyme

So let's take this time
To relax and unwind
Let's revisit my mind
And may I remind
How I'm feeling inside
A deeper thought, a simple rhyme
Must they hide
When your unkind
But it's ok, I'm feeling fine
So let me feed you this next line
Have I been so blind
Drank the passion from your wine
And what do I find?
Not a love that's mine
But an affair that's combined
But may I be so inclined
Express my words without being declined
Once a lover so divine
Walked away, I'm left behind
Love is...? Can you define?
Were the stars misaligned?
Or was your heart too confined?
Refresh your thoughts with this underline
We were once INTERTWINED
So sit back and let yourself recline
Take a moment to rewind
Before you start to refine
Quickly changing and redesigned
Let your heart be the fruit and the past your rind
Peel it away and let unbind
And take this outline
Let the stars realign
Together we can redefine

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SilverGirl commented on All it takes is one rhyme


Nice rhythm.. It flows very nicely. You have one type though. "When your unkind" should read you're. Other than that you have done a great job. Keep on writing.. I've a feeling you have lots to say.. Hugs.. SG

kage commented on All it takes is one rhyme


Kage here , great rhyme it all works together i like it keep writing ill keep reading

cjmason commented on All it takes is one rhyme


That was a great poem you have a gift for writing and it sounds like your poem comes from a personal experience? I really enjoyed reading it



Thank you very much :), I am glad you liked it. It is definitely from personal experience. As are all my poems.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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