All those unskopen words


All those unskopen words

As you stop my words before they even leave my lips, I feel this extreme anger build from deep inside my gut. I hear of all your thoughts about me. I hear how much you love me and how deep you care. Still yet you can't make love to me anymore. Your look is almost as though you see me with crossed eyes, never just clear. To see me with clear eyes you have to feel me with your heart, understand my working mind and be willing to really listen to anything I might say, with intrest and care.
Through all the trails you would think that those words would escape into this world, to the air above. Yet those words are still far below my lips. As selfish as it maybe, take those burdens from me with open ears and understanding. Take these burdens and carry them yourself, I don't want them anymore. Those words are still far below my lips, wanting to escape, to runaway. Can you hanlde all these words from deep inside? Can you take sometime for these words to leave me? Although you hear some of my words with just to much salt. I hear and feel these words from far below.
Will you ever understand my hurt? I alone have to battle with all those unspoken words. Still those words are far deep below my lips.

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lithiumblack commented on All those unskopen words


Wow. There's no other word remotely equipped to describe the power in this. Wow.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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