Alone In The Dark


Alone In The Dark

I was warned by many to stay away,
I had been fortold of your condition.
I never wanted to believe it,
Couldn't fathom it's existence.
The medicated nightmares and manic dreams,
So many years of tormented abuse.
Being held captive - torn apart at the seams,
I did all I could do to rescue you.

We found each other - two souls, two hearts,
Both hurting in so many different ways.
We gave up our lives, friends and families,
For a promise of a brighter day 
From across the country - two hearts collide,
To finally join together as one.
We followed our dreams and crossed many miles.
To our castle in the Texas sun.

Our dream had finally been realized,
After many months of misery.
But, the dream turned into a nightmare,
And left me crying in disbelief.
I'll never forget the words you said,
Nor forgive the pain you've inflicted.
I should've "Opened My Eyes" and saw you as,
The "Sinister One" you've always projected.

Love is truly blind as the saying goes,
And you bled me for all I was worth.
Both, monetarily and emotionally,
You devasted and drowned me in hurt.
And all without any conversation,
Leaving me bewildered - Alone in the dark.
Just a voicemail and threatening texts,
While you ripped my life and heart apart.

I have only these words left to say,
You really do need psychiatric help.
And I hope you seek it right away,
To help you save you from yourself.
The personification of evil,
That you so accurately portray.
It truly does fit you to a tee,
Beware to all that visit your page.


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unmaker commented on Alone In The Dark


i finally got around to reading this one. i have read lots of your stuff but for some reason never read this, the one poem you mentioned to me lol. well, it was worth the wait. well done. i can certainly see the similarities to the one of mine you had compared it to, in its quality as well as the anger and pain it expresses. i hope you are healing well, though i know from experience that deep wounds never seem to fully heal. God be with you friend.



Thanks so much Unmaker .. I will say this .. it was a very hard lesson learned And Ive learned it very well .. I have healed and have moved on from this nightmare and will never make that mistake again, It's funny reading this now .. I have buried this so deep in my past that it is such a distant memory..One I try to but will never forget .. Life is to fragile and short to wallow in broken glass. Thanks again for your read and comments friend .. much appreciated! :) Ken

Kanicki commented on Alone In The Dark


Ken Wow this is an emotional powerful write! Oh yes dear, love is not only blind, but it can be deaf and dumb too...LOL, Many of us can relate to this poetic pen, so many times people reach out to give of themselves by extending love and kindness to another; only to find out the one they have tried so hard with has no concept of it's value, shows no appreciation and respect for the one who offers life's greatest gift...the gift of love. Well, Ken time heals all wounds and wounds all heals...the wounded move on and those who seek to wound will end up alone in the Dark - in their own toxic stew. Wishing you an abundance of love and appreciation. Peace, Love and Light



Thanks Kanicki .. The wounds are slowly healing, but things are getting better .. I have chalked up this hell as a life experience and have moved on. It will be a long time before I let anyone get that close to my heart again. I can't let something like this happen again to me. My heart can only take so much pain ... I will love again, this I am sure of, but it will take a lot for me to trust somebody. Thanks so much my friend for your comforting and supportive comments .. I appreciate them very much! :) Ken



Ken - surely you heard this expression, illegitimi non carborundum - a Latin aphorism for 'Don't let the Bas+@*ds grind you down. Take time to heal and rest your weary heart but too have faith; you will be stronger and love even with a greater depth when the right one comes along; in the meantime, don't settle for Ms. Wrong until the right one comes along...LOL. Too, remember the players of this world will eventually play themselves out; the game is over for them when they toy around with someone heart; and the fun is just beginning for you...LOL...HaHa so the joke is on them...LOL, in the end you win, you prevail.

JadedJezzabel commented on Alone In The Dark


Leaving me bewildered - Alone in the dark. Just a voicemail and threatening texts, While you ripped my life and heart apart. i have been here.........crazy people must know they are can they that kind of behavior is confuses and depresses me........great write



Thanks JJ - Im still bewildered by it all .. but I am not investing anymore time trying to figure it out. It's not worth the energy or time. I am a strong individual and I will prevail, that I promise. Thanks again for your great comments.:) Ken

shakeme4life commented on Alone In The Dark


Caliente , Now this poem took me into the very boughs of the fiery inferno of pain , hurt , torment , and disappointment, first thought is who is this so i don't cross paths , then i pray you are able to heal those wounds , learn the lesson , and stay willing to except the person who will love you for you



Thank you so much Shake! :) I release my pain and heal thru my poetry. I am much stronger now, I have definitely learned a life lesson and will never allow something like this to occur again. I have faith that love will come .. but, I will be more cautious, that's for sure. :) Thanks again, Ken

Springsize commented on Alone In The Dark


I am so very sorry for the separation that you experienced... and the horror that wasn't even halloween. I feel a part of it, having watched it grow and culminate and then deteriorate... I feel awful, not knowing one thing to say that will ease any of the smarting pain... still, I care... I am so sorry your dreams evaporated so suddenly.... this Earth place hurts, and I begin to understand caution...



Thank you so much Spring. Life and Love are unpredictable at best. I believe one must either follow their heart and dreams or they will live with regret. Sometimes things aren't meant to be .. she has a lot of issues to deal with and in the end .. I believe she will have nothing but regret. I do not hate her .. I actually feel very sorry for her. She has taken so much from me, but, I will recover and will pervail .. her on the other hand .. I'm not so sure. Anyway, Thank you my friend for your kind words and sentiments.. I truly appreciate them. :) Ken

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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