Alpha Numerics


Alpha Numerics

I have always been more familiar with words than numbers

Within my own mother tongue, I might admit the former are my friends

But against this rather tilted tapestry lies a truth between the lines

Because without numbers, words become the habitat of insanity.


For it is numbers that force words to have objective meaning

For if a word means something, that means it portrays at least one idea

For if it means nothing, then zero stands oxymoronic after all

For even zero stands for the something that is nothing


Follow me, for St. John said in the beginning was the Word

Capitalzed to show respect, logos is the idea from eternity

That is the projection of the eternal Spirit called God

Toward His creation in way that at least some of that essence may be understood.


Debated, doubted, trusted, communicated, but apprehended, even loved

Not as mere ignis fatuus, some will-o-the -whisp, a gunderslislik

Dancing like the foot of a rainbow, forever just out of reach

But grasped and held, to be tested and evidenced as . . .real.


We admire the Pathagorean geometricians for their order

But in seeking to know the mind of God, they scarcely saw the half of it

Demanding rational numbers, they thought them to be delimiting  of what was real

And persecuted the first among them to discern the presence of irrationality


Alogos, the inexpressible, they called it. A number that cannot be spoken

But Logos was the spoken word, the Word of recreation

How ironic then, that the numbers guiding the order of creation, even life itself

Cluster with the irrational, among them the golden ratio.


Also, ironic, that those heretical Muslims were the teachers

To the Christian West, the language of an irrational God

The other half ot the Divine Mind, finding a way to express it

Not through theology, but through mathematics and algebra


They were the ones to prove that irrational numbers were real

Just as the Pathagorans thought of the rational ones.

So much for chaos theory, it merely is a sequence of words

To describe the avenues God walks in private, safe from human voyeurism.

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ginga commented on Alpha Numerics


If ever there was a treatise on numbers, I think I just read it and a fine one at that. The philosoph speaks minions...LOL! ginga



I just knew my voice would not be lost on you! Harv

anaisnais commented on Alpha Numerics


Wow, so much muse within this piece I shall need to take it and digest it little by little through the day/wseek ahead! This is a very deep peace which is going to cause much discussion as it is read. Makes for a great piece in my opinion, Well done! The best of the season wished to one and all!



Thanks for tackling this one. Harv

Olan01 commented on Alpha Numerics


It all comes down to mathematics and vibrations of strings of energy in nothingness. Energy expended by the voice of the Prime Mover who first spoke the universe into existence echoes to this day and into eternity. Balance and Harmony preside over all things. So, look at your hand and what to do you really see but congealed entangled strings of vibrations in mathematical concordance. If you see flesh then you do not see the matrix.



But if you see the matrix, you will have purveyed the flesh. Harv



No, it is not skin deep; you see the cascades of strings and mathematic; beyond the illusion of congealed nothingness.

gmcookie commented on Alpha Numerics


Harver, And then came string theory and M theory and God found it harder to find secure niches in which to hide his secrets. I wonder what will happen in a few more years (around 2025) when there are computers out there with more computing capacity than all the human brains on the planet combined. I wonder if they will be as obsessed as men with understanding the mind and nature of God. Or perhaps, their God will be a omnipotent robot, beautiful to behold yet terrible in it's wrath....



Just remember, some of those formulations are just theories. . . not understood or accepted as factual as of yet. In other words, bedtime riddles for astrophysical geniuses. Kinda like counting very obtuse sheep. Harv

stefy commented on Alpha Numerics


Hi my wise friend! There is a limpid line between the poetry and the math...word play, logic, fantasy....that justify Lewis Carroll-''Alice in Wonderland'' who was a great poet and a great mathematician too. Your way has reminded me of him, so glad. The idea and your philosophy is amazing!!! Especially like the last line.... 10x10 from me



Took me awhile to set that one up, didn't it? LOL Harv

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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