Always Willing


Always Willing

She, with her long flowing auburn hair, teases you lovingly from across the room.
Born of fair lineage, taught the power of a comely personality, she beguiles her suitors.

Her rivals being shapely sirens whisper in jealous rage.
Rumors surround her, hinting of a hidden talent for ensnaring a lovers soul.

Each night brings wanton lust, from every direction, drawn to an intoxicating fragrance.
Urging spellbound men to servility, forgoing repose for interlude.

Evening deepens around their respite prose, as those lyrical lachrymose pale amidst her glow.
Normally always willing, she fears boredom has taken hold.

Fierce maneuvering, shuffling feet, desperate to attract her gaze.
Pondering now on those heroic few, still attempting tepid plots to secure her glare.

She, placating pleasantries, resumes the flirtatious exposure that sends them reeling.
Elevating the temptuous fray she eludes to every waking moment.

To find her hearts desire, comfort beyond compare, this is the polemic prize.
Mother enforced her goal, be sure to marry well daughter snare his soul.

Always willing echoed in a memory past, fail not, use those weapons good breeding provides.
A husband these will make with each and every lie.

To rein over men, lessons learned through passing time.
Eyes ever judging, an unclouded mind, a choice forthcoming soon he will be mine.

Hear my warning, mothers beware, refrain from this path, don't send her there..
Fire still burns and desire can blind, deceit a hard heart binds.

Raise your daughters teach them love, help her find that sweetness comes from being kind.
Never dwell upon always willing, a coy, shy timid line catches he who sees your beauty shine.......



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tinman73 commented on Always Willing


that's deep i like that poem i might have a couple few folks lokk at it if its cool wicha



I live for the places and people that read my work this gives ma more pleasure than the creative end of this thing I do......

bforibus commented on Always Willing


definitely a great message here. a message to parents or just humanity period about how people get hurt mentally in relationships and how some can be healthy so dont stop looking for those healthy ones. great job. the flow made it seem like a dream that was giving to you in a conversation with someone extremely wise. indeed and very good poem



thought you would like this better it took me a bit to create this thanks......

photochick commented on Always Willing


wow lucky this one is one of your best so many can be touched by this one anyone who has a Lil girl should read this its very touching and amazing pure beauty your talent is outstanding another artist message hidden in words of poetic beauty you painted another masterpiece great write and message lucky thanks for sharing a 10 once again for a great poet



well girl you earned another paycheck.....thanks for that girl......

kmooney commented on Always Willing


Reminds me a little of Finding Mr. Goodbar. Good write. I really like your style and word choice. This seems to flow very nicely and kept my interest. A lot of big words. Hope you had your dictionary close by. Thanks so much for sharing. I'll be sure to read more of your offerings fine fellow. Thanks again, K



thanks i do try to use my vocabulary on occasion but i keep my thesaurus handy......

Ravoya commented on Always Willing


wow. there's no comparison in words to how awesome that poem is and how true it is of people now and in the past. u did a good work there



thank you so much if you like that try some of my others.....

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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