An American Hero


  • Death

    An American Hero

    Too much time on my hands
    My thoughts are many and bad
    I am sitting all alone for now
    Soon I will be going home

    Silence has moved in like a blanket of fog
    My breathing has been amplified and is fairly loud
    There seems to be some movement of to my right
    But, what ever it is is out of my line of sight

    My legs are now crumpled under me and they ache
    My brain has taken away the pain coming from my back
    I am getting rather cold now, laying in the puddle
    I want to scream out, but I am not able

    It's getting dark now
    I feel that I must move on
    I will soon be leaving this plane of existice
    Soon I will be going home

    I signed to fight willing for my country
    And I knew bad things could happen
    If only I had turned to right and not the left
    I would have seen my killer and got him

    Soon I will be going home
    Soon I will be going home

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    FranzJ commented on An American Hero


    unfortunatly many of our tropps never get the praise and regination that is desreved - people seem to forget that if werent for our troops we many not be enjoying the freedom we are enjoiying now

    cousinsoren commented on An American Hero


    This poem isan excellent dirge in which the poet invades the mind of a dfying hero who ihe had turned the opposite direction would have been able to kill hiskiller. There is a lot of mixed feelings or pathos in this poem, such as resination to approacxhing death , sorrow and peace conveyed mostly by the refrain, "I am going hiome" This poem is so metrically perfeect that it can be sung accompanied by guitar or other instruments. My rating is 10+++

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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