An angel i saw at the park; by Darth


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    my friend wrote this

    An angel i saw at the park; by Darth

    An angel that i just saw
        That girl left in the park
        Why is she so lonely?
        Have her senses gone dark?
        I sit next to her...
        with a handsome smile
        I said next to that angel
        Girl where have u been in a while?
        Now she thinks im stupid
        And i shouldn't be born
        So i came up with a dumb corny line
        "We're pieces of paper. never torn"
        She giggled a little
        then said mildly
        hey mister...
        "stfu. talk quietly"
        I smiled back
        and she did the same
        I just created this poem
        So it was pretty lame

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    killingP13 commented on An angel i saw at the park; by Darth


    wow funny lol its so random i love it!!!!!! lol XD



    haha yea thanks ill tell him xD

    mustascheman commented on An angel i saw at the park; by Darth


    Who's Darth in this piece? Anyway....not bad...kind funny for a poem out of the blue. I read your bio..that's quite an attitude you have there...good for you! Just be you and not even stop to ponder what others think of feel about you ( except for certain family members, if you have any that you are close to). I say; to each their own and being different is cool. You want to see different? go read some of my work. Later A.T.



    Darth is my best friend. outta randomness to cheer me up he came up with this poem.:) hes such a weirdo but he did manage to amke me smile

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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