(an explination of) distractions


  • Emotional

    (an explination of) distractions

    an unintentional push...a nudge
    a distance i somehow create
    id like to think that you wont budge
    but how much can you take

    how cold at times i must appear
    as if i dont care
    sometimes im just deep in thought
    and completely unaware

    when the distance strikes into my eyes
    and it seems like im not here
    im just looking for some place safe
    where i can push my tears

    in the distance i try to find
    a balance to it all
    looking hard and trying to see
    past this built up wall

    im often lost within my head
    hoping to find some truth
    but the things i find inside my mind
    just make more confused


    late at night when the house is dark
    and everyones asleep
    and i am sitting up all alone
    just taking time to think

    i wish nothing more than to close my eyes
    and rest my head with you
    snuggle up nice and tight
    and dream a dream or two

    but in the dark my minds awake
    and im restless in the bed
    everything spins around
    and nightmares fill me head

    i have to try to distract myself
    by staying up late to work
    picking through the things to do
    and hoping that it works

    long nights alone sifting through
    the work and my own head
    knowing you are not asleep
    alone upstairs in bed

    busy busy busy
    distractions are at hand
    thinking what i need to do
    and pushing more demands

    anything that i can do
    so i dont have see
    all of the things im going through
    and everything that wrong with me

    but in the end what i find
    the distractions just defer
    im sorry for the things i do
    through my actions and my words

    with strong regret yet again
    i sit and scroll these lines
    the words i spill an apology
    for about the millionth time

    within my head and in my heart
    these thoughts so strike a chord
    a sour note that resonates
    and echoes even more

    upon this page in black and white
    my words are so sincere
    all the lines of blurring pain
    turning into tears

    i hope that you can understand
    that im really just trying to cope
    and sometimes when i seem most lost
    im searching for my hope

    sometimes i need to try to be
    a bit outside myself
    toss in a distraction or two
    because sometimes they really help

    im still right here though it might not seem
    that really here at all
    im trying so hard to make it back
    from deep behind these walls...



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    MarionYost commented on (an explination of) distractions


    Again, I loved every second. You are very talented the flow was great in this and I can relate to your emotion. All the best -Marion-



    thank you for your kind words

    dahlusion commented on (an explination of) distractions


    "upon this page in black and white my words are so sincere all the lines of blurring pain turning into tears" — wow, you are such a poet, and one line after another is a beautiful message for us to read. Bravo!!



    thanks Dahl... glad you like what i do

    Tempy commented on (an explination of) distractions


    with strong regret yet again i sit and scroll these lines the words i spill an apology for about the millionth time ... brilliantly written. i also love the above you wrote

    BringMeBullets commented on (an explination of) distractions


    Oh wow... It's like an explanation of a dream. I love these kinds of writes that make you think. It's almost like, in a way, that I can relate to every line in a different way. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

    WordSlinger commented on (an explination of) distractions


    You write very good Dano, so sit on your throne of your imagination, and rule the glorious country of your imagination, you are a delight to read, ty WS

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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