An Unused Heart


  • Sadness

    An Unused Heart

       What has become of the warmth and caring I once possessed,
    has it turned into the same slow withering death that winter brings.
       Looking at all the years my soul had to endure the malice lying
    just behind all those many windows passing from my gaze.
       When did what started out as protecting each other, ensuring
    each life survived, get set aside and forgotten.
       Why as our lives became easy to manage did our hatred for
    one another turn so violent.
       Do you suppose that a day will come when the number of unused
    hearts will exceed the loving ones.
       A fear grabs my sensible thoughts and demands its rightful place
    in a cold chamber where not so long ago a beating heart resided.
       The vile tortured images we allow into the open windows of the
    mind as we scurry about living these lives.
       Has given way to ugliness eating away at the very fabric bonding us to each other.
       Everyday somewhere close to you destruction rises up from
    within a loving family and weaves a life ending scene with
    it's own hands.
       Years fading past have been witness to sanctuary losing its
    holiness, allowing another harbinger of suffering to grow.
       Where loving hearts should be prolific, among the pillars
    of their creation.
        We opened a door letting solace be strangled by an unused heart.

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    latinangel commented on An Unused Heart


    It is depressing but its always good to get your feeling out on paper or in your computer ;). Its also nice for others to read and know that we are not alone. Now I'm going to go have some chocolate almond ice cream. ;) Great work.



    Eat a scoop for ol lucky thanks I enjoyed your work too...

    blue92 commented on An Unused Heart


    Lucky, I completely understand were your coming from. It happens to a lot of people everyday. Great job.



    your poem Questions hints at the very same things glad you liked it

    pocketofdreams6 commented on An Unused Heart


    Very thought provoking! Take everything, leave it all behind, It walks me through a forest hand and hand, like an escalator to the sky I could understand your perception.



    thanks pocket knew you'd get it

    purdylox commented on An Unused Heart


    wow thats deep and just depressing. I mean really I jsut want to go eat a bucket of ice cream and mope.



    same way i felt writing it for all those children that have been disppearing lately

    na2011 commented on An Unused Heart


    great loved it i like as odd as it may sound........ i like the words u used its tells a story and made you picture you were there it great i loved



    I had this 1 fall right out of my head into the poem entry page took all of ten mins to type it don't know where it came from or why it's my best work glad you liked....

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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