Another Thursday Night


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    Another Thursday Night

    Just another Thursday night sitting on a bar stool looking at the fellows.Each of us practicing that famous game called bending elbow chase.

    While we all sit there seeing who can tell the biggest lie. O'l Carl stands up starts a good one as I ease off to the side. As I'm walking away I hear him say, "a redhead, a priest, and an angel all walk into a bar."

    I dip down in my pocket digging for some change. Dial that familiar number listen to it ring. When a soft sweet voice say's, "hello." "Hey honey just checking in." Always made sure they were all safe.

    As she begins to tell me all about her day. I hear how tried my kids had made her in every word she said. "They've all had their dinner. Bobby scrapped his knee, and the twins are in the tub having a water fight." "I'm washing up the dishes waiting for bedtime to arrive."

    I tell her we're all still here knocking down some cold one's at a place called the Joint. We are telling lies and killing time doing the elbow jerk. I heard Carl in the background say the angel looked at the priest and said,"just another one of Heaven's many perks."

    I promised her as I often had so many Thursday nights. "Be home soon honey got to let off some steam. We all had a pretty rough week you know that makes us mean." I tell her. "Don't wait up and tell the boy's goodnight Daddy will be home soon."

    I'll tell you the honest truth, hold no punches back. That golden angel, the mother of my kids, deserves a whole lot better than she's getting from the likes of me. I know she's very tired of the promises I don't keep.

    I swear one of these days I;m gonna take her away from here. Give her all she's missing make it like a dream. Find the perfect place where the world doesn't want letting in.

    When the boys and I leave that watering hole all three sheets into the wind. Cant help thinking of my baby hope she's off her feet got those kids tucked in. Sure as I'm still breathing she's already asleep.

    All the tea in China, all the gold the Catholic's hoard could not bye the ground she walks, on our back porch.. Soon I'll take my baby were all that she can see fell straight out of one of her dreams. I hope she knows I love her this will always be a fact.

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    purdylox commented on Another Thursday Night


    I think that is one of the sweetest things ever and I agree with crimsondragon tell this to a woman and she will melt and then slap you for not acting right lol out drinking and not being with her go home and kiss your angel. lolololololololol



    yep she got me back and no more thursdays did i let her lack

    crimsondragon commented on Another Thursday Night


    this is very good you know all a woman wants it to she the light of your whole world and with out her you wouldnt and couldnt live tell her see how far it will go it will take her to the moon

    DARKPOET113 commented on Another Thursday Night


    its women like that who can set our hearts on fire, or end our false sense of entitlement. next time your draggin ass home, drop a flower next to that lil lady, trust me, or one day you might wish ya had. happy for ya, yer name fits bro.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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