Approved Buffers by Pharma King


  • Sadness

    Approved Buffers by Pharma King

    What ails you today?
    I say we've got the cure!
    Take this pill, symptoms gone in minutes.
    But it might eat your kidney

    Never fear, we've got another remedy for that!
    Heal your kidney in a day
    But it'll raise your blood pressure
    Don't forget to pay!

    High blood pressure your problem?
    Well have we got a miracle pill for you!
    Say goodbye high blood pressure, hello depression.
    What's your impression?

    What did I have to begin with?
    What do I have now?
    Not depression, the Pharma King has me covered.
    This flavor has me feeling rather apathetic.

    Pharma King says take my pure heroin,
    Take my concentrated amphetamines.
    They make you numb to our condition,
    But at least you feel nothing.

    Antibodies are overrated
    And won't be in use much longer
    Because we can't profit from evolution,
    At least monetarily.

    Pharma King mission #1:
    Remove bodily functions
    Replace with meds
    We got support from the feds.

    In a few generations, everyone will be dependent.
    IV packs attached at the hip
    We'll die without them!
    Best keep yours on.

    Pharma King mission #2:
    Supporting the war against organic drugs because
    Pot has no real monetary value
    And 6000+ years of medical use means nothing.

    Look how dumb people were then
    And how much smarter they are now
    They actually obey
    They actually pay

    Eyes glued to the TV,
    Pharma Kings' number, speed dial, press 1.

    Copyright Vincent Decker, 2009

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    Tempestlady commented on Approved Buffers by Pharma King


    Well at least you took a stance. Said your piece as plainly as can be. There is truth here because pharmaceutical companies really do want us to be dependent on them and their products. It seems to be a fault of the market economy. In this particular case however the people support it and sadly enough in most cases wilingly. ie. We cure cancer? with chemotherapy which then kills us slower. This one made me think, that's for sure. As always a pleasure to read your stuff...Write on....

    nottus commented on Approved Buffers by Pharma King


    sorry it took me so long to read this! wow... hey can you hook me up some pills? lmao but really its a deep message.



    lol dunno why your sorry, ive never even seen you here! glad you like it



    lol oh shit i didnt realize we were friends. my bad, no wonder you apologized, you were prob the first person i talked to. i got used to not being replied to so no worries. still glad you digged it. you got good stuff too

    AbysmalGoddess commented on Approved Buffers by Pharma King


    This absolutely hits home, there's a pill for everything now, and a pill for the side-effects of the one before it! Your sarcasm and passion for stickin it to the man make this one hit off just perfectly, 10 from me!

    devaamido commented on Approved Buffers by Pharma King


    Your poem contains a lot of truth. You know why? Because everybody & his Uncle Harry truly believe there's a pill to cure anything & whatever it's made of they want one. It's a spiritual problem, if you want to think of it that way...those people put their FAITH in pills & literally expect miraculous healing from them. Why don't you make this poem a spoof of "PharmaKIng" instead of doing it as a diatribe?...a little more humor & the sarcasm a little less aggressive.

    jude commented on Approved Buffers by Pharma King


    When I read this poem I get strong message, sarcasm, and anger. Perhaps some from the exclamation points. Was this a sadness inspired poem? It definitly is something that has come to our time, it helps to speak out on it, but not as much as just taking a pill to get rid of the thought.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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