As the summer...


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  • what happend to people you can trust? the closest thing i get to a best friend is the pack of ciggarettes in my purse.... messed up!

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My parents seperated when i was in 5th grade. My dad moved out. I was daddies little girl. I was mad when he told me i had to live with my mom. This is how i feel now.

As the summer...

My father is as the summer. He is only there for a little while before he must go again. I love the summer. It brings warmth and the sun. As does he.
He brings light into my darkened world. He brings warmth to my heart. It may only come once a year, but i am always able to look forward to the next year. This is the same as with my father. He comes, but when he leaves I look forward to when I will be seeing him again. It may be months, it may be years, but that does not matter for when i get to see him I will enjoy every second I have with him.
He may not be there when i come home from school or when i come back from a trip, but that doesn't matter, because I know that he will always come back to me. He is my father. For this, I am thankful.
The summer may not last very long, but i enjoy every minute I get. The warmth is soothing. Some say, Its too hot. I care to disagree. It is perfect. As is my father. He is of the summer. He comes and goes, but he always comes back.
He brings joy,
He brings warmth, and
He brings me life... As does the summer.
Though I may have sorrow when he is gone, i look at what is ahead of me. He is as the summer. The summer warms on part of the world for a period of time. And then he must go back to warm the other side. My father has two families. i must not be selfish as to want him for myself when there are others that need him as well. I will always be his oldest daughter. Iwill always be his first born child. And he will always be my father, but now he must help father his other family.
As the summer, I must not wish to keep the summer for myself when others need the warmth and joy it provides.  The summer has two families. It must also take care of them.
I once was angry that i was left alone in the winter, but now i see that if the summer is to come back the winter must come and take its place for a while.
My father is as the summer.

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KShanay commented on As the summer...


I like this.... You know some people think that poetry suppose to rhyme at all times... I disagree... And you understand that... I also can relate to this poem...

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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