Awake From Darkness


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    Awake From Darkness

    Awake From Darkness

    Night creeps bringing darkness and shadows

    Fragments of light dancing on walls

    Objects distort as shadows bounce off of walls

    Creatures of the night loom around.

    Awake with a start into nothingness

    Eyes blurred from sleep, sound and pure

    Adjusting to the darkness, attempt to see

    Objects surround you but are they really there?

    What can you see when you open your eyes

    Into the pitch black of night

    Noises are amplified, feelings intensify

    Terror looms but is this all true.

    Seizing the strength to creep out of the bed

    Stumbling over objects below

    Reach out to the wall, hand trembles with fear Seeking the switch to end the darkness.

    The intensity of the light blinds as it illuminates

    Shadows and creatures once filled the darkness

    Are now a thing of the past as the room begins to be real

    And the terror is gone for the moment.

    The shadows ran away, but will they return

    Will the night creatures come hungrily back

    To prowl and to capture their bedtime snack

    Who is tucked gently inside of her bed.

    The light remains on throughout night hours creep

    Till daylight emerges once more

    The terror is past and will not win once more

    For the daylight makes them cease to attack.


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    ladynight commented on Awake From Darkness


    that was a really good write. i liked the way it flowed even though it didn't have a lot of rhyming words. it also expresses the fear a little kid might have a night time. that's kind of the point of view I took from.

    Gertrude commented on Awake From Darkness


    your definitely talented! I could a little girl scared in the dark in her room as she fights to be strong enough over come her fears.

    Bobcatmoon commented on Awake From Darkness


    wow...nice piece you could sens the duality between darkness/light and relation to fear in your writing with imagery that relates to trying to get away from something that feeds upon you in your dreams

    banginmoma commented on Awake From Darkness


    i really like the way you speak in this writing style. it kept my attention and made me want to keep reading. very nice job im impressed

    weatherman commented on Awake From Darkness


    I like it I think it you could put it in a paragraph format for a more even flow, but the images are something real and something one could grasp.

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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