Baby Has a Name.


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    -Remember, we can only change the future. God will forgive us for all past sins.

    Baby Has a Name.

    Baby Has a Name.

    The safest place on earth,
    A baby’s mother’s womb.
    The baby waits for birth,
    Legal to choose the tomb.

    They say it is a choice,
    A clump of fleshy jells,
    DNA a little moist,
    A blob of messy cells.

    We all were born so why care?
    One competes for air and space. 
    Child in womb no clothes to wear.
    She’s part of the human race.

    Choice be made for a silent,
    An innocent to be born,
    Tears out a life, a Godsend.
    Mother has rights child’s torn.

    Let’s stop this senseless slaughter,
    There’s room in this world for all,
    For you, me, sons, and daughters.
    Home for people big and small.

    Working people in their strife,
    Have needs taken for granted.
    The most vital need in life,
    The right to be on this planet.

    Inform the mama to be,
    The baby does have a name.
    For this is a life you see,
    Bria, Amy, Keisha, Jane.

    In the womb we had no voice,
    We all started out the same.
    Always opt for life the choice.
    The baby should not take the blame.

    -Oblaidon May, 2009

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    VaZFynest commented on Baby Has a Name.


    great right,,,,,yet I am pro-choice depending on the circumstances....being a woman myself,it is a hard choice to make,yet it should not be one of convenience or of moral, value and of clear conscience.I have been there before.....I choose LIFE! Everyone has to answer to a higher calling.............and to themselves.........and live with their own choices...whatever they may or may not be

    MagicRock commented on Baby Has a Name.


    WOW. I see why you told me to read this poem. Someone else who feels the way I do. Like me, giving voice to the voiceless. Great work. Write on Al -MagicRock



    Thanks Rock. I hope you read more of my stuff.

    rsalassi commented on Baby Has a Name.


    You not only fixed it, you improved it!! I salute you. Great write. By the way, you make an excellent point throughout, but unfortunately I am i favor of letting the mothe r decide what to do with her body, although I would always hope she makes the right decision. Again, excellent!



    Yeah, but what right does the baby have? If we can kill a baby in the womb, why can't we kill it after it is born? Has human life become so disposable?



    Now don't blow a gasket, but to answer your questions, we do. we do kill people right and left after they are born. we do kill individuals and entire groups. Sadly, it appears that yes, life on this planet has become so disposable.



    The sadest part is that we have come to accept it as the norm.



    Guilty, as charged. I can only close this dialogue quoting Scarlett at the end of GWTW. "I cain't think about this any more...Tomorrow, I'll think about it Tara. After all, tomorrow is another day." Music swells..fade to black.

    Tempestlady commented on Baby Has a Name.


    There are many reasons people do what they do. I agree most often it is the wrong choice, especially when abortion is used for birth control. I also had to acknowledge , not too long ago though, that there are times when it is the right thing to do for the mother and the unborn child. However, this is a wonderfully political poem and could do some good if read by the right young women in this world. I really enjoyed it. Write on.....

    knight4696 commented on Baby Has a Name.


    Strong and powerful viewpoint - A point well taken. I dislike abortion as well, but believe there may be circumstances that drive those involved to make this decision. Like a pregnancy caused by Rape or incest, or for physical reasons - maybe the mother would die giving birth? Whatever the case ... I am not one to judge, I believe that God and Only God is the ultimate judge and we all have to answer for ourselves come judgement day.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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