Badge of Shame


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When I was in Navy boot camp my RDC's stressed the fact that a name on a uniform issued to us was a badge of honor-at least that's how I took it. When I was sent to Navy separations the first thing that they made me do is remove the name from my uniforms and it was expected that it be done the same day. In place of the embroidered name that is no longer on your uniforms they give you a piece of paper with your name and last four of your social in a plastic clip on ID holder. After spending a month fighting my case this poem popped into my head and I could not resist the urge to put it to paper. Written to the tune of a Chevelle song that the title slips my mind at this point in time.

Badge of Shame

Show me
A world
Of opportunity
A privelage
Of kings
To salvage
What I thought I had

Rip away!
Rip away my badge of honor
Replace with this badge of shame
Show me that I am worth nothing
And there's no one but me to blame

And waves tossed
By the wind
Washed me across
An ocean of
Fear and shame
To tear away
A name I thought I had

Rip away!
Rip away my badge of honor
Replace with this badge of shame
Show me that I am worth nothing
And there's no one but me to blame

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spbsdude commented on Badge of Shame


Very touching, you have no shame except that which you accept from those who carry the true shame of their actions. Don't let them foist false shame upon you. Find peace in your soul. Carry your badge of honor that is your name, and forget about the shame.

lucky62 commented on Badge of Shame


The nerve of those so called leaders and commanders taking a fine human that is malleable and could be well molded and nurtured into an outstanding leader of the future. Shame on those inconsiderate unaware cretins for the blind, thoughtless stupor they wander around in. Hope you thanked them for reinforcing the cruelty and hardship this world has given you, and for the lovely memories you'll retain because of them.......



Trust me they will be thanked a million since both me and my relentless bitch of a mother (and I say that with the highest regard) are trying to build a lawsuit against them. :)

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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