Ballad of the Lost Man


Ballad of the Lost Man

This is a song I am working on, a work in progress.

When you find yourself lost, in your life,
and everyone seems to, hold a grudge
When apoligies run hollow,
and 'I'm Sorrys' just don't, seem enough
You can head downtown,
to get yourself, away from all the fuss
You leave the past behind you,
as you walk beneath the light of the moon

They've got those fancy woman,
the law knows them by, cocotte
They will smile up front,
turn your back and ya lose, all you got
And if you ain't got the dough,
better get out with a quickness or get shot
You've eluded the sickness,
and any chance now you'll get caught

Now you're off to the corner,
the doctors gather to, scratch your itch
'I've got what you want',
'Gutter Glitter' 'That's my niche'
You hand over some pounds,
flee to the alley to see if it's legit
'Lucy in the Sky',
ain't even got nothin' on this shit

Strollin' back downtown,
a homeless man berates you, maligned
You didnt have a quarter,
and couldnt care to give him, the time
He was once a proud man,
now he lives amongst the dirt and the grime
From wall street to main street,
some would say his punishment's just fine

You stop at Smokin Joes,
that place where they all, know your name
But they don't really know you,
'cause after all, whats really in a name
But you're all the same,
all just playin' one anothers game
Drinking your reason away,
and lookin' for someone else, to blame

It's closing time now,
can't stay and don't want to, go home
Can't go back uptown,
your chances there already, have been blown
You groan followed with a moan,
the only place left to go, is home
Your own personal hell,
and your damned to serve it there, all alone

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LeslieMay commented on Ballad of the Lost Man


A lost man, wandering from place to place. Trying to find the fix that will drown his sorrow. This will make an excellent song.



Thanks so much for your comments, and your vote of confidence! It is much appreciated. ~Spence

EvilPoems commented on Ballad of the Lost Man


oh you have no idea how i can relate to this poem! great powerful write, i can see that homeless man as being me one day O.o

weirdlittlekc commented on Ballad of the Lost Man


Rawr ^.^ Its awesome, and so true. Only those of us how can pick our own names can truely be know by them. -KC



So True, thanks so much for the comments :) ~Spence

Madelynn commented on Ballad of the Lost Man


I am speechless! ...really. You are absolutely, nothing short, of a Poetic Master! Legends are born everyday..this kind of 'realism' will live forever! Even after your time...after all, 'what's in a name', right?- I could read you over and over, like a magazine...awsome!! I have to check out this forum thing- it's just so me-ish, lol!-;)Maddi



Wow Madelynn, I must admit I began to tear up a little while reading your amazing comments, so humbling. I have been writing poetry for a short while in this long life now and have never gotten any recognition of any sort really. So goes the life of a poet right? I will be famous long after i'm gone with my luck. Like Dylan said 'My name it means nothing, my age it means less.' I stand on the shoulders of Giants. Not that I need recognition to do what I/We do, however, it is a special moment when one receives such high praise from thier peers. Especially when they are as talented as yourself. Thank you so much Madelynn. -Spence

selmony commented on Ballad of the Lost Man


wow. that was good. good imagery, wish i was that advanced



Its funny, I feel much the same way when I read some of the other brilliant poets on this site. We are our own worst critic, and I dont think that ever leaves. But I have read you, and you are talented. You will grow in time, a poet/artist needs experience in life to draw from, and create. The older you get the more refined your work will get, aged like a bottle of fine wine. In the mean time, just keep doing what you're doing. Read other great masters, listen to great music, see the great works of art, and put it all in the lockbox of your mind to draw from later. -Spence

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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