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    Baseball analogies

    Life is like a baseball.
    In more ways than one.
    You might not know it,
    but just think about these words.

    A curve-ball,
    Comes right at you.
    Take a step back, 
    and hit it out of the park.

    Run around the bases,
    And be proud of what you've done.
    Slide into home,
    Even though you don't have to.

    When the fastball comes,
    If you don't think you can hit it,
    Don't swing.
    It'll pay off in the end.

    The slow pitch,
    It's the most difficult to understand.
    But if it's in the strike zone,
    Don't be afraid of it!
    It won't bite, I promise.

    Catch a pop-fly.
    And throw it to first for the double.
    When the ground ball comes,
    Hit the ground running.

    Pitch or catch,
    Either way you'll see the ball.
    Everyone holds their breath,
    Hoping the Umpire makes the right call.

    Do you see?
    I'm not completely crazy.
    I just like this game.
    And there are ways to apply it to life.

    There's a baseball analogy,
    For almost every situation.
    Get out to the diamond and watch a game
    Or better yet, get into the game yourself!

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    toredbloodink commented on Baseball analogies


    I believe I'm enjoying the baseball game.... This made me smile... Thank fraz.....

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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