Be Not Ye A Stranger To Wisdom


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This is a poem of Wisdom - asking everyone to stay in search for her and you will find her - she awaits us all...Amen...


Be Not Ye A Stranger To Wisdom

"Be Not Ye A Stranger To Wisdom”

Be not ye a stranger to Wisdom,
be not ye a stubborn fool,
one that’s harnessed and beaten,
when guiding such stubborn mules.

Instead take hold of her hand,
and let Wisdom be your guide,
find shelter in the words she speaks,
and let this be where you reside.

Be not ye stranger to Wisdom,
which brings about good things,
listen carefully to her whispering words,
how joyfully she sings.

Wisdom will teach you the path God set,
in which mankind should go,
so never lose your Love for her,
and constantly you will grow.

Be not ye a stranger to Wisdom,
which comes from Our Lord above,
poured by God on all his works,
for all of us he Loves.

The root of Wisdom is “Fear of Our Lord,”
her branches are length of days,
for without Wisdom we all are lost,
for she (Wisdom) leads us in our ways.

We must wise up Children of God, because going through life complaining will not change things for the better.  God (Our Creator) is not the one to blame for our stupid and ignorant ways, especially when we’ve been given the resources and abilities to successfully accomplish our goals in life.  However, we (Children of God) have failed to succeed, due to our rebellion towards God (Our Creator), due to our disobedience towards God, and due to our scandalous deceptive behavior towards God.  This is our own fault Children, for life is what we make it.  We can choose to either make it through God, or through our own capabilities (which have been filled with Chaos, Destruction, and Conflicts in many aspects).  I tell you this: “In God all things are possible for you, because with God one then becomes wise enough to figure out the ways of life” – with mankind mistakes will come to haunt you, so put God first in all you do.   Wise up my sisters and brothers, return yourself to God – ask Our Lord to lead you in the path of Wisdom and for righteousness to be born into your life.  Amen


Be Not Ye A Stranger To Wisdom, And Righteousness Shall Prevail! (Proverbs 2)

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When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

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