Beauty of Friends


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    Poem Commentary

    Friendships that lasts

    Beauty of Friends

    The best friends there is can be a hero, a soul sibling, or your guidence.

    The friend who can believe in you, the one can trust in you, and never back down for you.

    Friendship is as if a flower blossomed in spring, or your soul feels as if you can't get away from your happiness.

    Friends till the end,
    can never forget,
    and wouldn't regret,
     the times that wouldn't erase,
    just keeps playing on replay,
    the times that we cherished much,
    I wouldn't ever want to see you crushed,
    and when I pry every night for you,
    I hear your voice and made me think of you,
    All I ever think is your beautiful soul,
    sometimes I cry but I'm not cold,
    I'll always have you in my mind and heart,
    before I finish I wish we won't fall apart,
    Cause your my everything and my pal.

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    TwistedAce commented on Beauty of Friends


    Friends and family are all you really have in life. How lonely one would be without a true friend to confide in. Great read good job :)



    Thanks twistedAce!!! Thank you for your time and your comment God Bless you. :D Thank you so much. :D :)

    Mrpoetry87 commented on Beauty of Friends


    Very well written.... It is always good to have that bestfriend you can always count on because you will always be happy and not worrying about the bad things.... I really like this piece....



    Thank you mrpoetry. you rock for that. and thank you very much for your time and comment. thank you very much. :D God bless

    blindmaster commented on Beauty of Friends


    true friends are there when the chips are down, true friends don't take advantage of each other, true friends don't have conditions only oaths that bind them. The poem is reminiscent of a partner of mine but the truest friend and partner you'll have is GOD. I hope you win this contest.



    Thanks for everything blindmaster. I hope so too. thanks for everything and yes God is your best friend in our soul and heart. thanks you very much. God Bless

    daydreamer23 commented on Beauty of Friends


    very well written and expressed friendship truly is a beautiful thing,bless.



    thanks again wow! i feel as if everyone idolizes me for these poems but thats just my imagination hahahah God Bless

    scrye commented on Beauty of Friends


    A beautifully written poem for a beautiful subject friends...... Great job. I loved it. Keep posting



    thank you very much scrye thank you for the support and comments thank you God Bless

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