Become something dank


  • Allegory

    Become something dank

    We are the filters of obscurity

    Our lives faced with tons of scrutiny

    of what we are soon to be

    but in all honesty your fallacy

    does not sit well with me

    I'd rather dwell a wicked spell

    composed of a new smell

    dawned on me by ingenuity

    laid on you with continuity

    and such fluidity

    you could sail Noah's ark on it without a casualty!!

    Copyright 2009 Vincent Decker

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    AbysmalGoddess commented on Become something dank


    What we are and what we are turning into are two very different things, and we would rather do anything than become's deep and takes a while to understand, but I can see it after a while.



    very true. it is a matter of perspective, no one wants to change. but we must, we must become our own dank. i really appreciate your time and thoughts :)

    DennisScott commented on Become something dank


    "Dawned on my by ingenuity" maybe you really were high when you wrote this. A synonym for ingenuity would be either: skill, creativity, or cleverness. Honestly does either one of these options make sense? How about dawned on me by resourcefulness... ah has a nice ring to it. I know the mind of an S.O.B. needs to rhyme but are you really so rudimentary. (See I can do it to.)



    And DennisScott, if you really want to criticise, do it right. You said "my by" , which he did not, indicating that it was you who was high; and not all who rhyme are S.O.B's, maybe it's just the fact you aren't talented or clever enough to do it, and you need a comma before too, which you also missed an 'o' in, a spelling and grammar error. Criticise with clean hands, or else you just look like a dim-witted fuck-face, which you already came off as. You really don't need the help of your pointless and flawed scrutiny.



    You are right. I was having a bad day and stepped out of bounds. I dont know what this has to do with you, however. I have apologized to cause for being a dim-witted fuck-face, as you put it. Also you are right on the typing errors you pointed out. By the same token, "You really don't need the help of your pointless and flawed scrutiny."

    devaamido commented on Become something dank


    You may float many out to sea To whitewashed worlds that cannot be. It’s doubtful those will include me Cause I see where you want to be. Here's my congratulations!



    geez man i could totally add that! you hit exactly what i was trying to do. no one i know has been so accurate on all my poems. bravo :)

    jude commented on Become something dank


    You lost me at wicked spell,could have picked me back up but smell sealed the deal. Plus, not sure what dank is there, but here it is damn good pot. If this is what you were smoking when you wrote this you ought to be ashamed.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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