Behind the Velvet sky


  • Fantasy

    Behind the Velvet sky

    We all look up to the sky
    To look for hope,
    Our dreams,
    Our destinies
    But once we realize our destinies
    We will come to realize
    There is so much out there
    For us to come to grasp with
    We also search for what we want out of life
    We search for other worlds
    But for me, I have found the one answer
    The one single answer for it all
    All worlds have one sky, one destiny, one source of power
    And when we come to realize this
    We will come to grips
    Of the Velvet sky

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    Springsize commented on Behind the Velvet sky


    Your poetry is immensely thoughtful, agreeable, easy and helpful... and you have found the IT... The Velvet Sky... it is the one thing all worlds share, and I am noticing... how large the center is....

    BringMeBullets commented on Behind the Velvet sky


    Great write. I like the concept and the thought of what could be beyond the earth... It's all so large and undiscovered. I like this one.

    Marsink commented on Behind the Velvet sky


    I like your imagination, to go beyond just the confines of our world, into the realm of fantasy! Great write!

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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