Best Friends 4 Life


Best Friends 4 Life

Your my crazy friend

Together rules we bend

We create kayos and trouble

And together the mess doubles

We're the difinition of fun

Do everything as one

True best friends

Our friendship has no end

Whenever we argue or fight

All it does is make us more tight

We grow older and older

Face this world as it gets colder

Things threaten to take us apart

But we're more than it, strong in our heart

We play weird games

That makes others think we're insane

We have secret jokes

And make up silly quotes

We claim to be bad ass

We'll run down whoever stands in our path

We'll call each other at midnight

Talk till the sun shows light

We'll stay glued on IM chat

And listen as our moms complain about that

We laugh and we cry

Pinkie promise our friendship wont die


Sometimes We annoy each other

Like a bratty little brother

We scream mean things

Words that hurt and stings

We Go through rough patches

But its over as quick as fire on matches

And later we'll talk it out

Make up without a doubt

Nah We aren't perfect

But as close as we can get

Yeah we are a hot mess

But we are the best

Create Memories that grow rapidly

and Friendship that beats reality

I love you my best friend

And will like theirs no end

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Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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