Beyond the Sunset


  • Love

    Beyond the Sunset

    What lies beyond the Sunset?
    What ever could there be?
    Dreams and hopes throughout the world.
    Dreams to fill an endless sea.

    And where does the Sunset find its rest?
    Where does it go to sleep?
    Finding comfort in the clouds
    Resting sweetly filled with peace.

    The sea takes its gentle hold
    As the sun settles for the night
    Dipping down into the coolness
    Turning dim its tranquil light

    Joining with the oceans water
    Becoming and blending as one
    Together they find peaceful slumber
    So all is said and done

    Now gone from my limited view
    It warms another land
    Smiling gently as it leaves
    Night takes me by the hand

    What lies beyond the Sunset?
    Only dreamers ever know
    Beyond the blissful sun that sets
    My Love and I will go.

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    origionalmerlin commented on Beyond the Sunset


    lyrical... good write and a good read thank you for posting this..

    babel commented on Beyond the Sunset


    oh! what a lovely poem.sunset is pretty inspiring sight!!

    Spacer commented on Beyond the Sunset


    The descriptive use of the words was perfect...very imagintaive....just an awsome poem

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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