beyond this


beyond this

what I learned, was
how well I tensed up
the closer you got
the hotter the coals
the scent of you
invaded my nostrils
the language you gave
clouded my head
the words you'd say
never forgotten

my fear, was
I'd move
you'd run
I assumed
what was true
I ignored
left you to wonder
kept at a distance
what I became
was a true friend
to say the least
but, nothing more

what I learned, was
I'm a coward
who'd stay by your side
never confessing
how your eyes dance
when they see me
how your smile brightens
my very existence
that you listen better
than anyone ever has
to feeling a wholesome
like never before
all gone unspoken
while keeping you company

what I wait for, is
the night to blanket
to bring to mind
a make-belief
of what could be
how I'd be
if you wanted more
letting fires blaze
caving to craze
being ridiculous
channeling our parts
into an intensity
that would bring
two souls together

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Sx9 commented on beyond this


where do we go,beyond this,so call love or hate the same base the same thoughts,but in all of us is the need to unite and there is always something to do that,,love your journey to be one,,

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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