Big Sis/Little Sis


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God gave me this poem for my spiritually sister, when I was out in the world she taught me alot about God. This lady did'nt judge me she had the love of God.We been friends about 15yrs now. But, were more then friends we real sister, not blood but it feels like we are. She mean alot to me and I mean alot to her. I thank God for her, and I might not be there physically but I'm there throught the grace and spirit of God. God bless my sister and friend.Amen.

Big Sis/Little Sis

Miss and love you
even though I'm not near
things not like they seem at the time
not around the corner,down street
even close by
can't knock on the door
with a boxes of Kleenex
pat you the back and say everything,will be all right
l can't wipe your tears
even when they flooding by
life is chasen you down and turning your smile in a frown
wondering to yourself everyday
I'm not a phone call away any more,
can't rush and knock on the door
make you laugh to get a smile
when you cry
even if we so far apart
seems like I don't care
little sis can't be there
yes, life is not fare
we both know and serve
The same God,
even though I'm not there
I can pray and talk to him
make sure he come straight to your door
physically little sis not there
mentally and spiritually
the image of God
flows every where
I call on him,for you
speak it in the atmosphere,
pray and fasting
helps and changes things
sis the things your going through
hurts and pierce my heart
even though we so far apart
the spirit of God,
is wisdom, knowledge and understand
no matter how far we are
We have the Higher power,
Who is he,Its our Heavenly Father
We are connect together through God,
Do thing in the Spirit of God,
Pray and Fasting
changes things
Cast all those Demons and situation
Attacking you and your family
to the Higher, Higher Power
Our Heavenly Father,
Who's the King over me and you
 bring us closer even if we not
a knock on the door
mentally and spiritual
he's apart of me and you
We are Royal Priest Hood
Little sis, there
just not physically
mentally, spiritual
and through
Spiritually Ram

Wakeitha Kilpatrick

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Kingwebstar commented on Big Sis/Little Sis


So sweet I am sure she thinks of you as much as you think of her. The Jesus in you both will never leave so you two are always together. love the poem . Love Da KinG

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