Blue and Orange


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    I know, I know...! A Gator fan in Tennessee? Sounds like suicide doesn't it? Well, I grew up in Mississippi, and all we had there was Mississippi State or Ole Miss, so I chose the Gators at a young age, and have stuck with them through thick and thin. It has been a good ride. Go Gators!

    Blue and Orange

     I can barely hear myself think

    As I elbow my way to my seat

    Hotdogs, popcorn, and drink

    Reverberate with band's steady beat


    The noise crescendo's still louder

    As Tim Tebow leads the field

    I feel a lump...I couldn't be prouder

    Of this team we've been able to build


    With Brandon James running...

    And Brandon Spikes protecting...

    With Tim Tebow gunning...

    And Brandon Frazier catching...


    Who can stand before us?

    Who can stop our charge?

    Better join the chorus...

    The Blue and Orange are at large!!!


    GO GATORS!!!!

    2008 National Champs!


    Marcus Lewis


    Written in response to UPA Open Forum Challenge: Color

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    Chaos128 commented on Blue and Orange


    Gators! Florida Gators!! We've come to a parting of the ways my friend...wait a minute... I'm a Notre Dame fan... and right about now, the best thing a Fighting Irish Fan can do is be grateful for not being subjected to mandatory mental competency tests. Forget I was here. Still being a Gator fan's gonna cost you a point!



    HaHaHa!!! I used to be an Irish fan...until I regained my senses!! Still, the Irish are better than Tennessee - even though they may be better now that Fulmer is gone. I am a Die Hard Gator fan, though. Sorry. Not!!

    laydbak1 commented on Blue and Orange


    I'm a Hog fan at my core first, but also a loyal SEC fan... I was very proud and clapped loudly when the Gators shined that day and brought home the real bacon... simple, but well done piece...



    Thanks, Doug. My brother lives in Arkansas, so you are not alone. Thanks for the comments. Gator's Rule!!!

    BrielleC commented on Blue and Orange


    LOL... like this perspective of the color challenge for Forum! I like football and this really brought back that game for me! yes i watched it! good one!!!



    Thanks very much, Brielle.

    Plot121 commented on Blue and Orange


    This was a great poem for any fan of the gaters it was well played out with great visuals made me want popcorn and hot dog great work Robert...



    Thanks, Robert, for your kind words.

    uspslady commented on Blue and Orange


    I commend your loyalty! The Gators would be proud! Good write, Marcus...can't wait to read your other work!



    Thank you very much, UspsLady!

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