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  • you broke my heart.. now i break your fucking face...


Why are they so obnoxious?
Why are they so cruel?
Why do they think
having sex is so "cool"?
Why cant they respect us?
Why cant they be nice?

They treat us like dirt.
They mockingly flirt.
They dont know what they want.
All they want is to hav some "fun".

Why are they so demanding?
Why are they so rough?
"If you love me youll do it!"
Well thats not love.
Why are they so sexual?
Why is sex all they want?

They walk all over us.
We cant even trust em.
Why cant they be
like the story cinderella, snow white
Or little princess pea.

Why arent they romantic?
Why arent they sweet?
Why cant they be Prince Charming
and sweep m of my feet?
Why cant they be loving?
Why cant they be kind?
Why are they so f**king blind?!

Have you ever noticed that no girl is ever "perfect"?
But guys are apparently all that?
Guys cheat and they the BO!
Girls cheat and they a Ho!

Then if one guy likes the girl thats taken.
he has to screw it up and lie
then he ends up hurting her
and she just cries.

why cant boys just leave us be?
if they cant be perfect for us.
then we cant be perfect for...

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WingedWolf commented on Boys


I loved this poem! Very very true. Who cares about boys, we need a gentleman =]



lol yes we do need a gentleman

sk8erpoet commented on Boys


awesome write...i think most girls, if not all, have felt this really makes you think about how things really are..great write..sk8



Thanks Sk8 :D

killingP13 commented on Boys


.......hmmm how can i say this without sounding weird... hmmm i love you? no no no thats all wrong im in love with your mind



xD hahaha. thanks. so far your putting a smile on this depressed face on mine xD

FUBAR93 commented on Boys


I think you've summed up every teenage girls emotions with thos piece of work. It was lovely and quirky. I especially love the last few lines; "why cant boys just leave us be/if they cant be perfect for us/then we cant be perfect for boys". wonderful work, 10 from me ~Love and Peace~ -FUBAR93-

angelchaser commented on Boys


I agree, I hated when I was in high school when guys would treat girls bad. There are nice guys out there, they're not all that easy to find sometimes. You just have to look a little harder:)

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T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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