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Sometimes our soulmate escapes our immediate fate, too far and yet so near...



Though often worlds apart we come together briefly to share feelings that are very special and rare.

We cheat destiny one day at a time.

Sometimes wishing that time would stand still to allow our bodies to remain intertwined.


More are we separate than as one.

There are moments when I cannot help but miss you so very much.

When you are so far from near; your scent and soft loving touch lingers in my mind.

Remembering the feel of your moist silkened skin, as your breast are pressed to my heaving chest.


Every curve of your beauty overcomes my normal thoughts, putting a smile in my heart, and filling my life with emotional light.

Brightly the passion shines inside, becoming too strong for me to fight.


Succumb by your elegance and grace, I recall every second of our affection.

When our closeness is so, that we share one another’s breath.

Uncontrollably we delve into a lustful direction...


We steel desire, to create memories that can never be taken from us.

No turning back; we turn onto one another’s pleasures.

Our bodies no longer unyeilding, emphatic emotions send us beyond ourselves.

The divine heights we reach cannot be measured.


I realize that it is impossible for us to change things.

Our interludes will always be short and bitter-sweet.

I am blessed in knowing, that our limited times together become limitless in the heart.

For the way we unite makes our lives more complete.

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knight4696 commented on BRIEF ENCOUNTERS


Soul- A very passionate and romantic write indeed my friend! :) I felt the longing in this piece. Very Nice job! :) Ken



Thank you for the read and the kind words - I now owe you many reads and look forward to exploring your work.

cmlestrade commented on BRIEF ENCOUNTERS


ohh reading this just leaves the reader begging for more. Are they married to other people, are they of different backgrounds and can't come together because of cultures claims. Inquiring minda want to know. Loved this, the bitter and the sweet, almost a Doctoe Zhivago dilema.



Oh, beg away... It is about two soulmates that are ruled by seperate fates but still manage to steel pure moments of passion from special time to sensual time... Still wondering aren't you!? Thank you

latinangel commented on BRIEF ENCOUNTERS


Every curve of your beauty overcomes my normal thoughts, putting a smile in my heart, and filling my life with emotional light. Brightly the passion shines inside, becoming too strong for me to fight. This is my favortie stanza. It speaks just like my heart would. As usual SW you write just beautifully touching our hearts and making us feel your love and your sadness at being so far away from your soul mate. You are so right sometimes our soulmate escapes us and sometimes people we think are our soulmates are not. Love can be so decieving and yet so beautiful at the same time. You make my heart cry out for all those who have not found what I have with Maxx. But then again your work has never failed to touch my heart. Keep writing SW the world needs more people like you. I am so blessed and honored to call you my friend.



I am touched that this write effects your emotions so - thank you from the heart.

lionlambluv commented on BRIEF ENCOUNTERS


We steel desire, to create memories... love that line! So true! Love how this writing displays the timelessness of true love of memories we hold fondly in our heart!



Some encounters are brief, some go on and on: the very special times last forever in the heart and memories of the mind! Thank you for commenting so wonderfully.

Tempestlady commented on BRIEF ENCOUNTERS


A bit mushy for me, but nicely done. Like a physical vibe that just bumps off one another in a sweet delicious way, never to stay or belong, but not wrong. I liked the words and expressions you chose to portray the sweet and the sorrow. Write on....



Your comments and honest expressions are always greatly appreciated.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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