Broken Promises


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    Broken Promises

    When I make a promise
    I remain very true
    And I would never break my word
    Especially not to you

    But now your word has been broken
    Perhaps there is a reason for this
    But it is something I no not
    Which makes me feel impervious

    Because this pain that you have left me
    Is so very, very strong
    And that hurts very deeply
    So now I sit here and I long

    For I wonder where you are
    And if you are indeed doing fine
    Or are you in some kind of trouble
    Maybe somewhere from behind

    My instincts keep on telling me
    That there is something not quite right
    Because it's not within your nature
    To just leave in flight

    But I really need to talk to you
    Because I really need to know
    Whatever did I do to you
    To make you want to go

    If I've given you the wrong impression
    Or upset you in any way
    For this I'm truly sorry
    And perhaps you will forgive me someday

    You see, I'm not always the pillar of strength
    Although I usually need to be
    I sometimes fall to human destitute
    Just to keep my sanity

    So when, or if, you see these words
    Please, show me a little devotion
    And tell me if your truly fine
    So I can rid myself, of this dreadful emotion

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    jessevevlair commented on Broken Promises


    this is beautiful. i felt very attracted to the title and then after reading the poem itself, it reminded me of past time. great poem

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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