the sound of memories pour from the speakers
haunting as they creep into my ear
taking me back to a specific time
in a place where i dont want to be

sonic razors slice as they move through my head
the rhythm and tones slicing me apart
as the lyrics scratch and claw
i remember why i hate this song...

but i love this song...

everything about this moment
is everything i wish i could forget
everything about these words
is nothing i care to write about... again

the world has moved on
life has gone on
tragic event have unfolded
and beautiful memories should overshadow...

but they dont...
at least not right now

my head swims with the flow of the music
my eyes shift to a shade of sad
i reach to push the button
but the damage is already done

one of my favorite songs that i love
to hate...
carefully i have avoided listening
until now...

but the words have penetrated
the thoughts have saturated
and my emotions are overloaded

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JadedJezzabel commented on but...


OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY.......you have touched upon an emotion that is so real and familiar to me that it scares me. As a fan of music and as a person who can be taken right back to a moment by a simple lyric or melody.......this is one of the best things i have ever had the priviledge to read.



music is my best friend... always there when i need it but sometimes a certain song comes around and knocks me on my ass and transports me to a place that i do not want to be... thanks for taking the time to read and comment and i am sorry that you can relate to this one...

susanismith commented on but...


I have had those moments...except its more like a memory I try to erase! As much as I love the song, the beat, and the words...everytime I hear it, just replays the thoughts that was once vanished. An incredible descriptive piece that we can all feel.



there are certain songs i hear that take me to a very specific place in time... some of those places i enjoy revisiting... while others are filled with painful memories that i cant seems to escpae from....

Springsize commented on but...


The loud speakers in the beginning are very telling, of the over-powering effect of this experience.... revealing next that the music is both excruciatingly painful, and chalkboard scratching on the brain memories, but there must have been something very poignant somewhere relating to the song, because you continue with "but I love this song".... ... understanding further an experience, awful... as if the song returns the memories that are better left never touched again, buried....but the song evokes it all again...You remind Reader that life has gone on, since the experience, and even identify how life has given more experiences of pleasant, for "beautiful memories". .. but the new memories don't completely cover the old...... drawing Reader back into the full circle mechanics of the poem, with the song again... how it's "shifting" your eyes to "shades of sad" (incredible metaphor) ... with a twang of reality, you throw in how you even tried to hit the button [to change the song]... but "the damage was already done"... this is so true about songs and memories...and the split second of opportunity to stop the door of certain memories from opening is lost ... Very Strong and Detailed Picture..



thank you for taking the time to read and leave such an insightful comment...

Madelynn commented on but...


Genius, anyone??- WoW!- You nailed this thought design...damn you can write! Well, all I can really say to this freakishly-perfect creation, is that I completely relate. I know our mind's book is powerful, and for years, I been tellin' anyone that'll listen-A mind, has a mind of it's own! -and memories can be our graetest pleasures or worst enemies! You blow my mind, great write!-Maddi



freakishly-perfect?? i dont know about that... but thank you all the same for great comment...

MarionYost commented on but...


Sounds about right. This poem now pertains to ALL of my favorite songs. Each one has AT LEAST 5 bittersweet memories that damn near kill me every time, Perfect write. Nice job Once again Dano. All the best -Marion-



thank you marion for taking the time to read and comment

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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